Wednesday, May 02, 2007

tech...mapped out..

we use so many devices to help us remember all sorts of stuff, to organise stuff like keep our accounts, remember occassions etc. But all these need us to input the information first for us to retrieve it afterwards. which is almost always tiresome. we have come a long way in making it easier, from writing to paper, we not have mobile phones with voice recognition. but still it is tiresome. for any memo u have to take out the gadget, say out the command and so many other steps.
imagine a system in which a gadget was driectly pluggedin to our brains. so every time we think of a something to save we simply preceded it with a command, like SAVE - "meeting tommorow" - and then commit it to memeory by maybe blinking our eyes twice or something of that sort. would make life so much easier,
well systems already existin in which the brain impulses can be felt by external mechanisms and can also be used to control such mechanisms.
Even more powerful would be if we could organise our brain. we could have a foldersystem mapped out in our brains. we could have a search capabilites and achiving facilities.
well we have it all, we just don't know how to use it, how to organise it.
maybe someday we will learn!!

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