Monday, May 14, 2007

confession of a guilty non-vegge..!

the place i am presently living is near a meat shop (there a also a 'desi daaru ka theka' but doesn't matter here..) many times i hear the shrieking of what sounds like a duck. and for some time i was wondering, who would keep ducks here. then realised they are not ducks, but thats how chicken sound when begging for their lives.
i, a pseudo bengali,am hard core non veggie. i relish it more then any other food, and frankly, for me food doesn't taste like food without it. although can and have lived without it, meals seem like 'should i eat today' instead of 'whats in dinner today??'
for sometime (three years i guess) i left it, before that i would always defend and defend passionately. but someone very significant n influential who i value, reasoned as to how hypocrite i was being, loving animals on one side, keeping two dogs, and still eating non veg.
frankly, i don't think its hypocrisy, human kind has been hunting for ever, pain is felt by every being, the food chain and all other systems would simple collapse if we do not have hunters.
but then in Bhopal i saw how chicken were halal, n how fishes used to wriggle n struggle till their last breath. i was pained by what i saw, but also am very practical in life, know pain is sometimes necessary.
had an epiphany which made me loose.
humans are not hunters anymore, they are breeders who kill. we actually rear all sorts of animals just to kill them. imagine living only to be killed.
only fishing is still hunting.
but all this are just words. over the last year, i have become a devout non veggie, and so today eat n live with a guilt. but am sadly weak willed to live, i can't give up the sin.
went to a office party last time, where one of my colleague revealed that he had secretly started eating mean. asked for a reason of starting it after 6 years, he said that during one session of introspecting why he was not having much fun in life, he realised it was because of not eating mean.
and i swear, its quite true. once u have tasted mean, other food tastes like umm.. 'ghaas phus'
take care.

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