Wednesday, March 25, 2009

pay it forward...

inspiring little it forward. propogates a beautiful three good things to for three different people everytime someone does something good for you. why, because, even though the world is full of good people, it sucks. its not a great place to live in. so do three good things.
how do you define a good thing, i define is as anything which makes some one smile, it might not show up on their face, but surely there is an imaginary lip in their heads/hearts which parts in a wide smile, or may be there is a dimple formed in that imaginary head cheek. 
in turn, you will smile as well.
and so whats a good deed, giving someone a lift on the way to office is a good deed (without worrying that that person has a needle which he will poke you with and you'll get AIDS, as one of those forwards says, and some people actually believe it), as small as it is. giving a dog biscuits to eat is a good deed, hold the lift for someone, helping someone old with their suitcase is a good deed. you don't need to save the world, just make it a better place for someone. why three...well the movie says so, i don't. do as many as you can. 
who starts...well am sure we all have...and we all are. but still its not that great a place to live i guess talk more about it. inspire others to do more. thats what i am doing here. 
it might sound like sermonizing...but i truly believe we don't talk enough about the good things in life, we talk about crimes and dirty politics and disasters, but we don't talk about the good things people do, the cute things a dog does, those unexpected incidents which make u smile. 
lets talk more about the good things, and lets pay it forward a bit more. 
he he...there is this voice in my head telling me 'phir se gyaan'
take care.

was looking for a link for the movie...and found out so many pages. apparently there is a movement.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


its been more the a month since i last wrote...wonder why?

i have written this before, one of the best descriptions of an introver i have heard is that an introver is one who get his/her energy from within. i am one, and have been spending a lot of time now a days with friends. most of my waking hours are around people, friends, colleagues, coffee  wala and random people at the coffee shop and then some more here and there. its been going on for some time now, i have never been truly alone for a long period of time. long enough to get me back to a peaceful state. when ur surrounded by people, you hardly get time to hear what u have to say, most of the time is spent listening to other people, and dealing with small time situations. that harmony that you have with urself is lost. and thats my reason for not blogging now a days, if i don't hear myself, how do i write?

anyways my dog jim is dying...has been for a long time now. he is 16 today, although we don't know his birthdate, i celeberate it the same day as mine, so by that count, he is somewhere between 16 and 17, which in human years is like 80+. dogs are not expected to live beyond 14, and so there was a point in time some years ago, when we as a family started joking around that jimmy to mehman hai, kabhi bhi chala jayega. mom started giving him extra love and care, extra dog biscuits, extra everything. he was scolded less, and taken care off. its been what 3 years now, and sick as it sounds, we still are waiting. some times he seems immortal. he is blind, can't hear, can't stand properly, is daibetic (incidentally dad and jim were diagnosed at the same time, they share medicines and insurance), his hair coat is non existant, his tail is never up and so on....but the dude's spirit has kept him alive. he would sleep 16 hours a day, but you open the fridge, or a can of anything, and he would come running...that was my jimmy. today its changed.
today he has lost the spirit, he doesn't feel like getting up anymore, still looks for food tit bits but doesn't have that zeal to come looking for it. jimmy today just sleeps, and has become distant.  this time around he didn't even recognise me when i got back home this time, and that hurt. just seeing him hurt.
for a long time, we have been discussing euthanasia. mercy killing. who are we taking mercy on? ourselves or jimmy, well both. he is in pain, and sometimes it becomes really frustrating taking care of him.  i always resisted, but then its not i who has to sit besides jim all night long, just to make sure that he sleeps. this time, i suggested it. couldn't see his pain, and couldn't see my parents. my dad being who he is, can't bring his heart to do it, i think in his place, i wouldn't either. time will tell.
letting go of someone you love, even for their good is too difficult. that time immediately after you have let go, its terrible. if u don't have anyone to hold u, its impossible. well, you still survive. as someone said, man can live through anything if there is a strong motivation, or no motivation at all.
also, we always have considered our family size to be 5, mom dad, jim jean, and somewhere, and if lucky, myself.  and jimmy has been a constant companion, a punching bag, and a sounding board. he has been with me through my teens and now...he was the one who would stay awake all night sitting besides me, he was the one who used to bite me, he had that 'hak' on me. could also be because jim knew that he was my favoured dog, the story is that when jim was 5 or something, we go jeanie as a pup, she was this cute little daschund, very notty, still is, and a favourite of everyone. i knew this was gonna happen, and always the rooter (root for...rooter, my english) for the underdog, then weaker being, i decided that jimmy will be favoured by me. and i think, over a period of time he knew that. jeanie, the cute daschund, surely knows it, because she never comes to me when she wants some love, always mom and dad. jim, when he does, comes to me. jimmy was always mine.
can't imagine going home and not having jimmy around.