Thursday, May 24, 2007

its such a disappointment when someone doesn't share the same intensity of passion or joy or happiness that you have about something which is very personal to you. and it takes away a part of that joy from u, u start doubting, whether what ur feeling and the magnitude of it, is it really worth!!!
and when ur joys are shared in the same intensity, the joy multiplies.
ever been in a team which has won something after a lot of hard effort, the victory celebrations go on n on, the memories, everytime recalled, have the same effect.
but thats in a team, where everyone was responsible for the victory, is it possible for someone to get the same intensity of feelings for someone else's victories, or losses. If there is someone, that i believe is true love. love which transcends selfishness.
take care.


  1. "its such a disappointment ..passion " - i am being mean. but dont u think that a person's ability of expression is not equatable to her thoughts ?

    like a person may fail to express her feelings and still feel the same likelihood of happiness that one has.

    the ability to accept, change and trust are distinct and learnable ( my naivette make-up, again)

    i dont like your conclusion "If there is someone... " expression is not feelings.

    You are undermining your own patience and tolerance. Smile please.

  2. hmmm... very true, and i should know it more then anyone. expression is not equatable to feelings.
    but then there has to be enough trust and understandings for u to understand feelings, till then u have to rely on expression.
    good comment.

  3. i was trying to walk on the better side of the line which shouted RUDE, but the "she" here, is not the one you know.