Tuesday, May 15, 2007

the unending reservations debate!!

so ru for reservations or against them?? and specify what kind of reservations are we talking about, based on economic status or based on social status. and is helping economically (loans etc) a better option to reservations.
well majority of arguments are against reservations, simply because anything given for free is always taken for granted, misused. Reservations are crutches given to able bodied people, which makes them dependant.
the entire logic behind reservations is that the upper castes have been priviledged all these years, and thus now have to make up, pay up. so they have to give up some of their priviledges to the unpriviledged.
one argument often offered by many youth is that our generation doesnot believe in discrimination on any basis, we are ready to give a fair chance in a competitive environment to anyone ready to fight. Why should we pay for what our fore-generations did??
well then aren't we as a country being double sided, on the carbon emission front, we are accusing the developed countries of harming the environment for so long that they should pay up now, own up to it and cut emissions even though our own emissions are responsible for a major portion of the total emissions today.
we should take responsibility right,

anyways talking about the environment, its such a huge oppurtunity for us, if we start reserach on environmentally friendly technology, we'd rule even after the pension years kick in. but here we are, being defensive as usual, not grabbing the oppurtunity. there was an article in sunday times somedays back saying the same.

take care.

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