Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shor in the city...

Uggg movie with Tushar kapoor...ekta kapoor production...who recommended this...well the great Mai did n so did Karan Johar on tweeter...well let's watch it (the tickets were bought anyways)
And so we walked in, I had seen the promos, expected something like Life in a metro, what I got was life in a metro mixed with slumdog somewhat made on the lines of crash n the ring (just the day count really)
Most movies, the individual pieces are good but when put together, assembled, the final version is always lacking...exactly the opposite for this one, for one acting was not that great, slow in parts, and for most of the movie you wonder where the 4 parallel stories are going...they do come together but at a very steep angle. Very suddenly n that knot is thin, doesn't have much substance...
Anyways I loved the visuals of the move, the music and the understated  seemingly point less love stories...but most of all I loved the tone changes...havent seen that in indian movies, and frankly don't remember seeing them in hollywood flicks in one instant you go from laughing really hard to all suspenseful to praying that the kid is alive!!! You are sitting there, all relaxed and suddenly the movie makes you all tense for five minutes and then back to relaxed...and this happens quiet a few number of times...loved that.
Was there a point to any of the stories or subplots, nope, they were just stories...the point of the movie comes out in that one sentence at the end...all stories are based on true newspaper articles...the point is that all of this does happen in India, and frankly is more common then u'd expect. Don't let that turn you off India, like slumdog did, for one, this is a movie which stitches together many stories into one, mostly that doesn't happen unless its an extraordinary life lived, n secondly...this is what makes India India and us Indians and frankly we are 1.2 billion people, the numbers alone explain the variety of people and extremity of incidents!!! Without all this life will be plain boring and pointless...and another thing, for all the bad you see, I think the good in India is far more, but just not exciting enough to make movies on!!!
What else, Indian movies over the past two years have been technically perfect, no half stories, well shot and edited, so was thus and I won't rave about it. Still sometime to go before we create oscar winning movies though, we are still a long way away from making those subtle but hard-hitting movies which put u in deep though n make u speechless out of shock...well the new age film people got over the commercial mindset, now just want someone with some balls!!!
Anyways more then I wanted to say, a great movie, totally unexpected from the people it came from...but then as much as I hate the k serials, they were awesome (and very successful) marketing efforts...this though went beyond, it was arty too!
And one last thing since I already spoke about marketing movies, and the one I am gonna talk about cannot possibly have a full post dedicated to it, dabaang was a perfect example of a movie which was a product of was a packaged product!!! 
Enough said...later!
Take care...