Monday, June 21, 2010

long time...first post form the iMac i think...
anyways, lots has happened over the last is still the same. :-)
everyone thinks i look happier, i do, they ask me, they think i found someone...i just laugh in my head...:-)
anyways corporal punishment and dog stories.

hitting kids to discipline them, right, wrong? if ur my age, you must have surely been slapped, caned, punished. Do you have a grudge? did it help you in any way, or did it just make you dheet (used to). 
I was beaten up, in school, and at home. At school, remember this incident i was slapped without any real reason by my comp sir, slapped 16 times, ear bleeding i went home, didn't tell anyone. that day and today, i have take each and every less then perfect teacher's case, have developed a hate for authority and been a sucker for the weaker guy. 
anyways so did that help, nope it didn't. but that beating was not supposed to help me, it was frustration taken out on me...and thats the point i want to make. 
if a beating is given as a punishment, in the right amount, and it is ensure that the student know why, and understands why, then it is good. Its not a tool to be overused, well always should be underused. More importantly, the person using this tool should be very sure of the reasons, beating out of frustration will create monsters. am reminded of the Brad Pitt movie, 4 guys in prison, beaten up by that singer-actor. anyways. secondly an explanation, along with the punishment is very important. that puts things in context,  and more then an explanation, i think there should be a discussion before hand, ensure that the kid understands what was wrong and why, and then punish, so that the punishment seems justified. 

dogs...any animal for that matter. they are just scared of you, they don't have the intelligence to understand you, they just have the instinct to know that you might hurt them, and for good reason. its now got into their genes i think. so be kind to them, they will not bite you unless they feel threatened. they are always on the defensive, so just let them sniff you once or twice and then pet them..they will be your best friends for ever. 
and do not take out your frustrations on your dog. they are not your punching bags. 

and stop being hypocritical about keeping dogs, keep them as family and call them pets, or keep them as guard dogs and call them that.