Monday, May 07, 2007

there is a script..

which life follows, its amazing how one thing leads to another. yesterday for the first time i felt that it was meant to be, i was meant to be gloomy, i was meant to pick myself up, make an effort to come out of my gloom, meant to be walking on the pavement when the accident happened, meant to be a bengali, meant to be there...
also many times if i have made an effort to change things, some force helps me out. if you just make the effort to change ur present conditions, its amazing how things work out. just a strong enough will is required, u should want it bad, and should take the first step, it works out.
like in that indiana jones movie, where ford cannot see the invisible bridge, he still takes the first step, he takes the plunge, not knowing whats coming... and he lives on.
well always take the plunge, you will float, u might not live, but ur body surely will float!!! atleast u had the thrill of the plunge...
take care.

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