Saturday, August 30, 2008


inpsiration...lets see what comes out.

watching a couple of movies, parrallely, both are quite different, one talks about gandhian values...about goodness, the other about love...or rather fixing love. but both at the basic level talk about purity.
lagge raho munnabhai brought back what gandhi used to preach, and managed to mould it such that i made sense in todays context, understandable to our generation, somehow it managed to bring back values our parents use to live by.
what gandhi preached was quite simple...goodness, being true to urself and the world, trying to make people around you happy. and that stuff truly works. with all the politics we play, all the trivial power plays, they simply make life more complicated. they burden our brains with more crap to think, and more then that, they burden our hearts with a guilt. well why would you feel guilty when ur are playing a well thought out power game, when u knowingly don't wish someone, and that not wishing someone makes u feel superior. well u feel guilty, because deep down, we all are good people. the base over which our brains builds these power play castles, is mostly always goodness. and after playing all those games all day, all week long, when you have a moment to yourself, you always question why. you might say, well i don't, i always feel happy at that small fight, that small tussle you won, but buddy, ur loosing the battle, slowly but surely. many times you don't even get enuf alone time to think, ur so entangled in the power plays.
trying doing something good, say a happy goodmorning, help carry someones bag, hold the door open, something more significant maybe...buying that old guy a feels good. and one small thing, wipes away the guilt from a hunderd other big mistakes.
and also how difficult is it to do the right thing, its amazing, we need guts to do the right thing nowadays, well since always, but isin't it funny. u think twice about doing the right thing because of others, who all are doing the wrong things, might judge you. the right thing. all it takes to start is some guts, once u get used to becomes a way of life. and its beautiful.
preachy ain't i....well more coming doctor...amazing that all these concepts start our of NY. speed dating too...what ever you say, they have evolved more then us.
anyways, hitch and the entire concept of a love fixer is kinda disgusting right, but some how they manage to put it in a likebaly way, which actually makes sense. hitch says, thats why falling in love is so difficult (although at the end, the funda is kinda turned over by watching the movie so remember the names) anyways it is kinda difficult, because we are more judged by our exteriors, it takes time to know the core qualities, and who has time for that. plus the marketing exterior that we put on show are far easier to comprehend, and thats what my hitch does, makes sure that u don't get rejected at the first look, at the first conversation. well he makes sure u get beyond that, so that atleast a part of you core comes out, and love when happens is based on that. its not purity, but it gives purity to come out atlease.
anyways so...take care.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


some one some time back was asked me...what are your roots. and it left me wondering, are roots so important. she told me its important to be connected to be your roots. well...roots is an apt word for what was being asked. roots keep you rooted. it saves you from becoming a floater, but it also doesn't let you be totally free. the freedom of thought is never there if you are rooted.
roots can be regional, can be caste wise, what she wanted to hear was whether i was a bengali. i am not, and am proud of it. i told i am an Indian, and immediately realised how cheesy and funny that sounded, because we never use that do we. we always say we are bengali, gujrati, from bombay, but hardly anyone of us says i am an Indian. i am.
why...i identify with being an Indian, and don't identify being a bengali, or from ahmedabad, or working in IT. the only tag, atleast for some time that i want attached to myself is Indian, and as said, only for some time, some day wanna be a world citizen.
that gives me the freedom of thought of looking at bengalis as they are...the good , the bad and the ugly and about all other cultures. it also takes away the pride a bengali feels at being a bengali.
roots are not bad, they give you stability, they don't let you float away, if ur rooted, ur know where you home is, where you feel secure, which type of people you feel comfortable with.
roots are given just by staying at some place, between a particular kind of people for a significant amount of time, well actually along time. we don't become bengalis or mallus just because we are born to bengali or mallu parents, its because we stay with bengalis, between bengalis, in kolkatta...but what if ur both parents are not have never been to calcutta and have had minimal contact with bengalis...are you still a bengali. i am not.

i wonder about people who have travelled the world when they were very young, the ideal most case would be someone who has travelled the world, without their parents, guess there would be no place they could call home, there is no place they would feel passionate about, they would look at every place as it is, every culture as it is. they won't really cheer for their team from the heart, because there is not team they can call theirs. seems like a waste of a life...but thats what i want.

next question i am gonna answer, asked yesterday...what makes you experienced. age is surely not the answer, going through a hell lot of stuff....well yes, but really, understanding what you are going through and why. experience doen't really mean that when the same situation comes up again, you will act differently. how many of us have done the same mistakes when in love. but atleast if you understand what you are going through, you know whats going on.

and you can't learn from other peoples experiences, you have to go through you own. people say a lot of stuff...but just listening to them doesn't get that into you psyche. hearing someone elses horrid stories about their accidents, doesn't mean that you will automatically start driving have to go through you own.

and thats exactly why our evolution has been slow, you do almost everything that the other did, so the results will also be almost the same...and also why we are different from the other by a very small degree. its like genetic algorithms, mutations are very few, far apart, and many times don't survive.

take care.
I should rename the ramblings. that exactly what they have become, hate the quality of whts coming out of me now a days, thats why am writing less. hope its a phase. need inspiration.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

teams... how do you make a team. not groups, those are easy, just put a bunch of people together and you got a group, most probably a good for nothing group. a team is a higher level, a very higher level, they not only work towards achieving the objectives set forth, but act more like a family. they care about each other, they enjoy and cry together, know each other personally...and it goes on. its a family away from family, as time goes by, you don't have any barriers between your self and your team. do you get there. time and again, i have observed, if you go through a problem, a crisis, an issue together, work thorugh it, go throught he highs and lows, become part of the blame and the cheer,,,you end up developing a relationship which goes beyond work. you develop a connection of sorts. a connection which disagreements over work issues, or issues related to achieving that objective cannot break. you end up being a team. its true for any kind of work, rememeber college days, when you used to work together towards that submission or towards organising that fest, working all nights, till death came. or remember solving that issue, which wouldn't get solved, instead you would discover new things which would frustate you...
coming through a problem together makes a bond, because to solve that problem, you have to get over the small differences you have, you have to understand and laugh at the small quirks of the other and of yourself, else you would never be able to solve the problem. and also because you share memories for long after you have solved the problem. you also get a chance to enter the personal area, remember the late night call you boss got form his wife, and how he explained it. well that made you understand that he also is human. he also goes through the same problems as you do.
getting out of work...doing some physical activity together, a cricket team maybe, going trekking together...jsut having a birthday party bash...drinking together. they all have the same effect. and i guess its because you get to see the other side of a person, the non official side. it helps you trust a person more. i have seen the most diplomatic, guarded of people give up their inhibitions, get excited, blabber our, and when you see the human side of someone, you start trusting them. you start believing they are also like you,
well enough back to the original question how do you make a team...well go for a trek...a real arduous one. you will get yelled at by everyone, but atleast they all will bond. and as a boss, or person responsible for achieving the objective, thats what you want.