Saturday, March 31, 2007

the namesake!!

of all the moives, i saw this one with my parents, n thank god i did. if u can survive this movie n not come out feeling guilty, u have been a good son (am not mentioning daughters, they mostly are good) if u haven't its time to make changes.

the reason why gogol left maxine was a pt of discussion. seemed gogol misunderstood what max could do for him, underestimated her commitment n love for him, he only saw what he wanted to see, was too overwhelmed by the changes taking place in his life to see what was actually going on. doesn't this happen to us so often, we just remember the scences, never understand the story. day to day life n events masks the quality of life. thrills don't make us happy.
its amazing if two people could travel so much together that there is nothing more left to see. what a journey, n what a relationship.

many people who know me consider me a psuedo bengali, a namesake, so am not the right person to comment about the authenticity of the bengali culture, but i did actually see on of my bengali prof uncle in irfan khan's character. n tabu, her expresions, were so bengali.

am reading the book abhi, lets see how tht turns out.

i realised sometime back what parents are, hope everyone does. we give so much to people who have just come into our life, forgetting parents who have been there for ever!!!

thanks to u i realised it.


take care