Sunday, November 04, 2012

after a lifetime...

been such a long time I posted, I even forgot what my last post was...and for once, I haven't felt guilty about it. Some how life has just been whizzing past me for the last six odds months. It does seem like a lifetime lived in just about half a year, a lifetime which I would like living again. 
So no real reason to write today...just random thoughts from experiences since the last time.

Was caught up in a discussion about family and friends with 'the man for whom I would want to become gay' the other day.  Was making the point of how many times (wanted to write mostly but am not that cynical also) family ties are more because of obligation and because of society then actual love and caring. Even if you don't really like a family member, when its needed, you will help them because of that expectation, that obligations. Same ways it becomes easy to ask for help from family members, because you know that blood relation obliges them to help you out. On the other hand, friendship is such a informal loosely bound relationship, that you are not obliged by anything. 

With my sis and me, as long as we were friends it was all fun and frolic and we were still there for each other. The moment we started formalizing it, giving it a name and started bounding it in rules and regulations and expectations, the relation started falling apart. 

So then why family, why not just live in an undefined, loosely coupled relationship, well just for our need for security. Its amazing how much you can achieve and experience if you just let go of that need for security. If you don't need social security, you wouldn't have to put up with people you don't really like, if you didn't care about shelter security, you could pretty much travel the world, if you didn't care about financial security, you could take as many risks in job and business and do awesomely well. And staying alive is the highest of those needs.

I asked this question to myself one day, what would happen if living beings lost the need for self preservation, the need to stay alive. That natural protective instinct that we have in everything, what would happen if we lost that. Well top of my head, either there will be total chaos or crystal peace.

Heard this cannot stand on the shore and explore the world!