Thursday, November 10, 2016


I don't think I have ever been ecstatic about a political / policy decision take by the government. Forget ecstatic, not even been happy about it. Most of the policy decisions usually end up as debates between friends and family and in my head itself. Like the RTI, the outcomes of Nirbhaya and so on. 

Well that changed yesterday when Prime Minister Modi invalidated the ₹500 & ₹1000 denominations. With one master stroke, he has managed to kill black money & counterfeit money. He has also managed to force people to adopt electronic money, killed corruption, rebooted the real estate market, changed elections, lowered income tax levels' and as per some, brought inflation under control forever. 

And that makes me, a salaried employee who doesn't have any black money avenues available to him, feel really really good. 

Yea I know, time will tell if all or any of this will come true. But there is hope, and that on its one enough to justify the 'inconvenience' caused. 

First some rebuttals to arguments made by so many:

  1. Yes is not original thinking. Banning large currency notes is an old idea. But magic is in implementation. And Modi did it beautifully. Its well thought of, well timed, done in absolute secrecy so there are no loopholes or undue pressures. 
  2. Why now, people ask...Well not really now. This has been in the making from day 0 of him become PM, right from opening Jan Dhaan accounts, to making PAN compulsory. 
  3. What after a the new notes come into circulation - Well two things, with this move, Modi is ensure that everyone starts with a clean slate. And secondly, methinks this will become a regular activity. At the risk of repeating myself, it'll be like Bisleri changing their packaging. 
  4. What about Land and Gold and what not - Land and Gold and any other fixed assets give value only when they are sold. and who is gonna have the black money to buy. And if its bought in white, then the govt gets it fair share. 
  5. My full family in Haldwani, actually everyone in Haldwani don't want to use plastic - well this will force them good. 
  6. It causes inconvenience - As Modi said, so what. Small price to pay for such large gains. 
  7. How do they differentiate between 'money we keep at home for security' vs 'black money' - Well they plot the histogram, find its exponential, start from the peak end and start taxing. 
  8. People will go to jail - Well no, Modi is from Gujarat, a business state. They don't jail their most talented people (the fact that they made loads of black money and managed to hide it means they are talented), they will just ensure that the country also benefits from their talents. A 45% tax rate + 5 - 15% as punishment. 
So that was about the scheme. Now the person. Modi was no one till the riots happened, no one knew him really, but post riots everyone did. Infamous is also a way of becoming famous you see. We all know Modi is driven by his self image, by his need to leave a legacy behind. He is narcissistic and power hungry. And he always managed the show. I have believed this for long, Modi will end up becoming a dictator. He will be awesome for India, don't get me wrong. But at one point, he will become dictatorial. Some day he will realise that he deserves more respect for what he has done to the country, and he would have done a lot, but at that point, he would start turning draconian. Or it could be a very strategic well thought out plan and if so, I think he will use war with Pakistan to get over our ideals of democracy and the armed forces. 
But then, I have for the longest of times believed that India needs a dictator. We used to debate about this many years back in college, and well, if that what it takes to transform this country so be it. We need someone who has the right vision, the execution skills required to implement it and the balls to do so, and Modi is all of that. So what if he is driven by his own legacy, aren't we all at some point. Not a lot of Mother Teresa's out there!

Wait and watch...

PS: If the above does happen, and sure he or his supporters are gonna find this blog and pursue am putting my life at risk writing this. Makes me feel good! All for the country!
And there is a quote from the dark knight said by Dent - You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. And another one said somewhere else - heroes die young!

Thats all I am saying, you do the math!!!