Saturday, April 03, 2010

I remember watching 'I dream of Jeanie', not really sure what attracted me to it, but two things I remember from that sitcom was how Jeanie would blink her eyes and things would happen. And the other was the bottle she lived in, that purple colored long mouthed bottle which used to have a round sofa set and all comfort you can imagine.
We all live in our own Jeanie's bottles. We love to live in that protected environment, which is familiar and secure. Where we have built out  comfort zones, where we know where to get everything.
In my case, more then anything the firm I work for is a Jeanie's bottle for me. They give me everything I need, money is good, they ensure that my higher needs of getting respect and feeling powerful are satisfied. They spoil me with random comforts and perks. And not that the work is bad, work is good as well.
But then, I don't know what's happening outside the firm, my work world Is limited to that bottle. Because of the comforts I have, because of the security, you kind of forget your aspirations.
Frankly speaking, any kind of a commitment is like that bottle only, a commitment doesn't let you look beyond. You adjust your expectations to what that commitment can offer, lower you expectations. Only if there are actual problems do you wonder, is there something better outside the bottle?
There are two kinds of people, the ones who love the bottle, and the ones who love living up in the air. The second want to be those animals who roam around the earth, who visit different places, who meet different people, who see the beauty of every place, who fall in love to those places and people, but who don't want to be attached to anything. Who want to see everything, who are more about the breadth then the depth.
 I want to be the second,  and am fighting really hard not to end up the first.
Reminds me of george clooney movie, 'up in the air', the guy must have struggled really hard live that life. I can imagine the amount of opposition of that kind of life, because people want to be secure and attached and labeled. And when he started living that life, he must have been lonely, alone in his quest. Because  you have to be uber lucky to find someone who wants to go on an unending journey.
I think, that life is what everyone should live unless you have something or someone that makes it worth sticking around, makes it worth spending your life in that bottle, and mind you, without compromising, without lowering your expectations. Even after knowing everything, knowing what out there, you wanna stick around.
I have been flying around for 10 years now, and have become aware of it, and have started liking it for at least three years now. And the one who'd make me wanna stick around has come and...
PS - this is written 'Up in the air', literally, on a flight to home to fight another of those battles.
And I won't review 'Up in the air' but although I find something or the other in most movies I see, there are very few where I see my own reflection. 'Up in the air' was one…!
Take care