Sunday, April 29, 2007


have been here three weeks, and already loving the city. have seen a lot of metros, each city is characterised by it own culture, some u like some u hate. i like bangalore. i know people who have been here will say whats new!!!
was here long time back, n fell in love even then, always was a dream to come here, live here, experience the life.
the city seems so much more balanced, a great mix of the old and the modern, cosmo and the orthodox, stink n fresh,
the cemetries, the trees lining up the roads, the pavements on which u can walk for hours and distances without realising, the udupis and the coffees, the crowded stinking buses n the posh but suprisingly cheap city volvos, the fact that every third shop is a liquor shop, the abundance of non veg eatries, 85% of times it rains only between 4PM and 4Am, and that it is always unexpected, the fact that people here actually try out clothes u see in fashion mags, the abundance of skirts, the complicated flyovers, the surprising absence of cyber cafes and internet telephone whatever in the cyber city of the country, the fact that most probably the guy next to u makes more then u, how can i forget the juice shops, grape juice for 8 bucks!!, the ease with which u can find a place to stay, and u'd expect to a croweded city, but there is so much space here, u can be alone if u want.
and so much more still to explore...
i still don't know if this city has the heart, which bombay has, the heart which faces everything and stands up straight,
i wanna see what calcutta is like, was reading that street hawkers offer tired walkers their stools to sit on, in the sweetest of languages bengali. a city which has its own lingo, whcih i think bangalore lacks, or maybe have been here for a very short time.
lets see what NY is like...
take care.



  2. Buddy, spoken like a guy who has not fallen head over heels, but as a one who has seen places enough to feel n experience the personality n individuality of each one... i agree with u, ur comments has made me nostalgic and more for bengaluru...