Thursday, August 09, 2012


hate the fact that the only thing which inspires me to write now a days is watching a movie...ever worse is that the only thing changing on my blog on a daily basis is the twitter feed.
anyways, was thinking of writing this for some time now, there was a thought generated by something on FB, but ultimately it was the movie which is making me write.  The post is gonna be very very disorganised, more then the usual so bear with me...

the movie in question first, gangs of Wasseypur pt II...awesome awesome movie, better then the first part, but that could only be because it was more fast paced, even in the first part I liked the Sardar Khan part of it, but not really the Sultan Khan part of it. Faisal Khan made it more Godfather like. Its amazing how all such movies somewhere have incidents which have already been shown in the Godfather, maybe thats why Puzo's Godfather is considered a classic for men. 

and well the post as the title suggests is about men. The man here is Faisal Khan, but really Wasseypur ultimately is about men, and what they go through in that life. 

Men, and I have always believed this (and written about but can't find it now) are the lesser of the two sexes in my mind. I have always had an admiration for Women, for the amount they go through and how they handle it. I have always believed that women would and should rule this planet but for that animal instinct of winning, that savage need to conquer and win that only men have. That animal instinct makes men take risks, makes men fight battles, makes men prospect for the new. But then as I think of it, there are two other reasons why men do a lot of the things they do, well one, to spread their seed, and secondly to ensure that the seed and the bearer of the seed are safe, well provided for. Not sure if which of these three reasons is core, which leads to the other, and I think they keep on varying in intensity from time to time, but all three are there in every man, at some point or the other. 

And this has been shown in the movie really see the three sides of a man in this movie, the egoistical side which wants revenge and to win and conquer, the animalistic sexual side, and the caring protective family man side. 

so again what on FB made me think of this, well a post which spoke about how much men give up to be the protective family man...they (and I am talking from personal experience here) give up a lot to ensure that their children and their wives and their family in general are well protected for and well provided for. If you look at your fathers and your brothers, you will see that they let go of all their wishes to ensure that their loved n cared ones get what they want.

but they don't really let go of the other two, every man, throughout their life, is still a sexual predator (yes, a strong term, but its basically an animal instinct, not justifiable in todays cultured human world) and is still an egoist who wants to win, wants to conquer, wants to make his mark. These qualities are very inbuilt in us, ingrained in us if you may, in our genes and in our DNA, in the way we are build, that as much as you change, they are still their lurking around somewhere. 

But they don't show up, you sometimes never realize they are their unless you have the ability to listen to a man's thoughts (ultimate end of privacy I tell you...) but they are there. And are well hidden, because a man had made a choice at some point to be one or the other and hopefully let go of the third completely. 

In one of the few weak moments any of the three protaganists had in the movie, Faisal Khan says that his dad had the choice of not coming back to wasseypur, had the choice of choosing to be the caring husband and dad, but he made the choice of becoming the conqueror. And even though Faisal wants to choose otherwise, he cannot. It ultimately comes down to the choice you make, the choice you make to either be a sexual predator (which thankfully very few do, and are rightly punished for it, because its the most selfish of the three choices) or the choice you make to conquer and win, second most selfish choice, it does do some good, the world has progressed because of this choice, or the third totally unselfish choice of being a family man, a choice which doesn't help you or the world, but just the ones you care about. Not sure if like anything triangular, you can only choose two of three, am sure if you choose 1 there is no other choice. but then this needs more thought....but am pretty sure you cannot be all three at the same time, something Chika told me long time back, either you can be professionally successful or a great family man, both are not possible. 

and so the conclusion to this post and the answer to uff teri ada's question is that women complaint about not finding the perfect guy, the guy who is successful and good looking and caring and good husband and father and everything, well of course you don't, its difficult for a guy to be good at both these things, they require opposite skills, if you want one, you gotta let go of other. and of course getting something of everything always leaves something out which you can complaint about.

For the first time very reaslised that being a man is also difficult, not as torturous as being a women, but subtlely it is!!!

PS: this is the kind of post which I might not agree to in part or completely when I wake up tommorow morning, so expect a lot of self commentary on it over the years, as I experience, think and realise more n differently more...