Friday, February 02, 2007


what is bloggin has been written about by many people, n i have nothing new to add to it, except for a couple of links.
It started as a place for people, who were net savvy at that time, to share what they found on the net with others. this was way back in 98, when many active net surfers (and many here is actually miniscule compared to today) used their blogs to comment on new happenings on the net, and share it with others. this was way before web 2.0, was actually web 0.something time.
From their it moved on to people maintaining personal diaries, and as of today as marketing tools to sell one self.

its a platform to express anything that comes in your head, any thought, how ever insignificant, it can be put here. u can sell or rather market your self on this platform.
its both the boon and the bane of bloggin, for every single interesting blog that you find, u have to go through a hundred which donot interest u. but those hundred atleast increase your spectrum of thought.

the problem with marketing urself online is that its not assured that when will you be discovered, and if you will be at all. with blogs running in millions, differentiating urself is difficult.

i believe, be it a student or a professional, blogging empowers everyone. anyone can write about anything, can comment, can praise, can disparage anything. it might not lead to action, u have blogged about something doesn't mean you have been heard either, but atleast you have documented your thoughts someplace, with hopes of them being discovered someday.

this is a great platform to share yours and discover peoples experiences. because of the pace of life, of the amount of complexity today, its difficult to share experiences in a the usual manner, over a cup of coffee, in a restaurant. bloggin means you can sit wherever u want, whenever u want and share whatever u want. ur free to contact anyone without the social obligation attached to it.

what else, well since this will be read by many in SCIT, i would like to know why to access web 2.0, we have to got to lab 0.59?? why can't we have the latest browsers??

enjoy n take care