Thursday, May 24, 2007

jumbled up lives...

there are so many parts to our existence, we exist differently at home, at work, at friends place. like cats our lives are very place specific, and sometimes very people specific as well.
each of these sub existence might have a color of its own, home life may be very happy when office life sucks, relation with parents might be really good when the one with significant person person might not be.
and the problem with these sub existences is that they keep on permeating each other, they keep on crossing the boundaries, we bring one life into another. and since negativity is the dominant force in life, one negative life, one black life, makes all other colors dark, and sometimes as dark as black itself.
negativity at one life darkens our heads which controls all our lives, and life in our head seems dark, even the whites are seen with dark shades over our eyes.
don't mix up lives, if u do make sure u mix them so well that they are the same color. don't let ur professional woes affect ur emotional relations. if they do, make sure ur emotional relations are understanding enough, strong enough to withstand 'em. else keep to urself, share but don't transmit it to another life.

my dad once said - never bring ur office home, and home to office. never let one aspect of ur life affect the other. keep it seperate.

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  1. i like blue (calm, jovial), u need a colour change. my guess, start looking at things with different colours - moods, it will look happier. LIFE IS NOT JUMBLEd, YOU JUMBLE IT (my naivette make-up)