Wednesday, January 13, 2010

dil to bachcha hai ji...!

was thinking of this some time back...i have gone through such highs and lows, i would expect myself to have become a bit numb, a bit immune.
neither am i immune, nor am i still alive, thankfully!!!
and then today found this song...describes my kiddish, always hopeful heart quiet well...

if i am asked, and i have been asked,
would you prefer a more stable, less eventfull,
and ultimately easier life,
i wouldn' should have crests and troughs,
the higher and the deeper the better
life should be interesting always,
whats the point of just being alive,
you should feel alive.
cheers to that,
and to a hundred more crests and troughs...

Saturday, January 09, 2010 undervalued!!!

so a fb status and comments on it. i started bloggin about this twice and stopped...didn't have very clear thoughts about it, but then its something which has been on my mind (and frankly pissing me off) since the start of this year, so here goes.
Arrogance, as defined, is the state of having overbearing pride...arrogance gets a lot of mileage, i have seen arrogant people get a lot of attention and sometimes respect as well, respect mostly out of fear i guess, but still. where as people who are humble, have the undervalue quality of humility, are just taken for granted. they are liked, no doubt about it, but mostly are not respected.
arrogance coming out of some achievements is ok i guess, u have achieved something that others haven't and so you are proud of it, but i still believe the higher being is the one who achieves a lot, and still stays down to earth, it is a level of confidence which doesn't require you to showcase ur achievements.
its like the Nouveau riche, or people who get quick rich out of startups or something, you can always make out, flashy cars, flashy clothes, the places the visit and how they act. compare to people who are rich since generations, their is a subtle touch to them, they seem far more classy...
anyways the two comments left above...first is of course about me, i, i think, surely others do, used to be really arrogant, and that mostly was the bad kind of arrogance, not achieved anything, but people and myself saw potential, and i was basically capitalizing on basis of future unrealized potential. guess happens with every kid out in college, atleast those who haven't lived a tough life, who have gone through the hardships, who have been provided for, but then u start going through experiences which humble you, you start failing at ur dreams and realized that their is a big factor called luck, and their are circumstances, and forces bigger then what you can control, heck, bigger then what you can understand, and the arrogance dies off, slowly, surely. i wish i could tell the kids i see now a days about this, but guess that is how life goes, u have to go through ur own disappointments, ur own failures, to realize we are all human, and the end all equal.
the second, by an American, tells so much...about them, about why they are successful. if you have achieved something, talk about it, hell, get a loudspeaker and shout it out...and frankly, working for American company, talking to a lot of people, somewhere i have started realizing its not wrong. selling urself is not bad, 'let ur work speak for you" doesn't always work, or atleast, takes a long time for people to just realize ur work..but ensure u have something to back it up with.
but still the entire thought of talking about urself, somehow feels ichy...guess just the indian mentality.
sorry for the rant, if thats what you think it is (it true :) )