Monday, May 21, 2007

'Life in a metro" - 20 reasons to see it twice...

1) for the dialogues -
" did u leave her or did she leave u?"
" i guess love left us..."
khamosiyon ki ladayi - the wars of silence
and many more... listen to the lyrics of the song.
2) for being so so sleek in its treatment and through its cinematography
3) for peeling of the thick crust of hustle bustle and showing the calmness, tranquility of bombay which lies underneath, for being the first movie which makes mumbai look like NY, gives it the same charm, a soul an ultra sleek look.
4) for being able to capture mumbai monsoon so beautifully
5) for the sensitive treatment given to each story (watch the love scene between dharmendra n nafisa ali)
6) for how the stories all end up at the same place (n the station looks beautiful)
7) for knowing that not all the stories have a happy ending
8) for the guts of the director, and the actor (irfan khan) to portray what a male really thinks, and justifying it beautifully.
9) for kay kay menon who has the guts not to shy away from doing such filthy characters. (first was in sarkar)
10) the beautiful dialogue delivery of the bengali girl (forget her name)
11) for the beauty of kangana raut, and also her portrayal of a lonely person who'd go through anything for getting the feeling of being loved n wanted, where all the facts n logic are glazed over by hope(also in gangster)
12) for how the feature length song has been integrated into the movie
13) for the song - n the band - n the looks of the band - n their ability to change the tempo as per the movie - n the vocalist who looks like that firang singer who sang "i would do anything for love, but not that"
14) for making people laugh, at regular n surprising intervals
15) for shilpa shetty, looks n acts good.
16) for bringing back dharmendra n more so for nafisa ali
17) ahhh tired... for tackling love the way it was.
18) for how the shilpa shetty kay kay menon thread ends - u'd expect her to leave him but how she gives her family another chance, for showing how big a girls heart can be, n how small a man's brain...
19) for how the story continues along with the credits
20) for there are so many more, just go n watch it, if u have, then a second time, these are the sort of movies where u discover something new eveytime u see 'em, as in matrix, departed, KANK (yea yea...i liked it a lot)
n yea the b'lore crowd needs to be cheered,
for staying till the credits ended,
n for cheering the movie, appreciating it.
n also the theater which showed the credits...


  1. have you got the job of an analyst in your new found company ??

  2. I LOVE THE LANGUAGE OF YOUR BLOG, but the movie didnt help me, because it started with breaking relationships.