Thursday, May 03, 2007


a new word (for me)!! i didn't come up with it, but was used in TOI twice in the same issue in two different articles, by different authors, and i was wondering what is probability of that happening!!?!!
but it always happens, when ur thinking of something or you see somthing new, out of the blue, it starts appearing more n more. Happens to me quite often. recently for the first time heard about Royal Bank of Scotland, before the ABN takeover bid, and heard about it at the weirdest of places, my roomies love interest works there, and then read about it in some vague news article, and since then its been all over the place with the take over bid.
even dates have an unusal habit of re-appearing, 14th Nov is one such date. this day became significant around 7 years ago for me, and now there are atleast 13 people that i know who were born on this date!! and that inludes my dog jeanie!!
i wonder why, maybe we start paying special attention to the new thing, or when we hear, see or observe it again, when we come across it again it regiesters more prominently, since its been in our head. but i don't think thats the only reason. i guess we also attract it, when we want to hear about someting, know about something really bad, it comes to us.
its the entire energy funda a friend told me about and i have started really believing in it. manisfestation, more about that later.
and i guess that the reason it doesn't happen to everything, because we come across so many new things, new dates, new names, its only the one we really pay attention to, are in some way attached to whcih reappear. don't ask how i am attached to RBS, i might be taking it over after it takes over ABN..
for now let me just think about scarlette johansson (spellcheck..) alot, maybel i'll someday run into her. yea right, works only on repetitions!!!
PS, the word is beautiful isin't, how many times have we seen tragiComic situations in our lives, and believe me it can only happen to oneself, if happening to someone else its moslty more Comic then tragiC.

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