Saturday, March 17, 2012

The list

1. Go away...leave everything and go where no one know me and start completely afresh 2. Visit one of the lands - greenland, finland, iceland...some place where its cold n white n alone 3. Do good for people...start a or many sustainable businesses and help people help themselves 4. Start a platform business to make people execute their ideas...where people can come n start their internet busineses, and leave when it stings attached bu a 1% stake 5. Give a thankyou speech with my closest people are in the audience and the world listening. 6. Come as close to death as possible, and stay there for sometime. 7. Keep making seemingly impossible jumps...keep saying 'fuck, that was easy'! 8. Die alone and with my own bullet, and when i am bored because ih ave done everything or am tired of trying! 9. Know a girl of each sunsign there is..! 10. Write my autobiography, and have enough of a life to fill a thousand pages! Publish after i am gone. 11. Go bungee jumping. 12. Know a lot of in them till i know the soul of the city. 13. Have no enemies...but a lot of people who consider me their best friend. 14. Live a life such that when i die, frontpage headline just says, 'bose, dead!!!'. 15. Buy a triumph bike, keep my enfield forever! 16. Start a school academy system for unpriviledged children..! 17. Never stop falling in love. 18. Find someone who stays with me forever. 19. Continue living a life of contradictions. 20. Live my beliefs..! Sent from my iPad

Thursday, March 01, 2012

the value of good will...

Live blogging after a long time...need to write something!

read this long time back...was an article in I think one of the international business magazines... Forbes I think...they tried to justify CSR at that point, of course it was before the time this term (Corporate Social Responsibility) was even coined. 
For the first time, someone, in this article justified the value of CSR, put a business value to it. Basically they said that CSR earns good will for a corporate, good will which is of no apparent value when everything is good, but pays back rich dividends when the cards are down, when the corporate is going through big problems. there are examples galore of this...companies which have been doing good, and when they are fighting downhill loosing battles, peoples, through banks et al come to help them out. 
And since this funda came into the fore, companies have also used it. Be it Tata's who after the West Bengal fiasco made an advert highlighting how they changed lives of people working for Tata, or how Coke, after it was discovered that they were using polluted water in Kerala, highlighted how they were giving back some huge percentage of water back to the earth by water harvesting and recycling. 

Good will pays back surely, and not just for corporates but for us beings as well...and I today saw a live example of it. For all that I have not achieved, for all the potential that apparently went wasted, I have been a really good person, a nice person in the true sense always, and many many times, I and people who care have questioned the value of it...of whether someday when I need it, when I need people to help me, stand up for me, whether they will...!

Today when facing some major challenges, at work and in life, that good will, those birthdays and parties that i made fun, those pickups and drops which ensure that people reached safely home, is helping me out. 
I have been getting help from unexpected quarters, in the form of simple encouragement, in the form of hand holding and in this case, someone actually standing up for me and helping me out fight a battle. 

Today it touched me, today my status says a heartfelt thanks, because more then anything, one of my basic fundas, something I live by, came true today...there is karma in this world and it surely comes back. Whatever you sow, you reap.

Good things happen to Good people, stated Sreesh today in her elation of seeing me get this chance...and I so truly believe that...simply because I know that there are so many more good people in this world then those few assholes...just that they are so understated out of their niceness, that it doesn't become so apparent, their power many times seems undetectable, but believe me that understated power, works like a silent decimates, decimates slowly and very clinically!!!

so be good, in the face of all the bad, just be good, stick to ur principles, the good in the world will back you up, stand up for you and many times prop you up when you need it the most...earn that good will, not because it will pay back, but because thats the only way to live a  good life, a life which you feel proud of on your deathbed!!!

the battles on, but I have enough support to endure and hopefully win it...