Thursday, May 24, 2007

jumbled up lives...

there are so many parts to our existence, we exist differently at home, at work, at friends place. like cats our lives are very place specific, and sometimes very people specific as well.
each of these sub existence might have a color of its own, home life may be very happy when office life sucks, relation with parents might be really good when the one with significant person person might not be.
and the problem with these sub existences is that they keep on permeating each other, they keep on crossing the boundaries, we bring one life into another. and since negativity is the dominant force in life, one negative life, one black life, makes all other colors dark, and sometimes as dark as black itself.
negativity at one life darkens our heads which controls all our lives, and life in our head seems dark, even the whites are seen with dark shades over our eyes.
don't mix up lives, if u do make sure u mix them so well that they are the same color. don't let ur professional woes affect ur emotional relations. if they do, make sure ur emotional relations are understanding enough, strong enough to withstand 'em. else keep to urself, share but don't transmit it to another life.

my dad once said - never bring ur office home, and home to office. never let one aspect of ur life affect the other. keep it seperate.

its such a disappointment when someone doesn't share the same intensity of passion or joy or happiness that you have about something which is very personal to you. and it takes away a part of that joy from u, u start doubting, whether what ur feeling and the magnitude of it, is it really worth!!!
and when ur joys are shared in the same intensity, the joy multiplies.
ever been in a team which has won something after a lot of hard effort, the victory celebrations go on n on, the memories, everytime recalled, have the same effect.
but thats in a team, where everyone was responsible for the victory, is it possible for someone to get the same intensity of feelings for someone else's victories, or losses. If there is someone, that i believe is true love. love which transcends selfishness.
take care.

Monday, May 21, 2007

'Life in a metro" - 20 reasons to see it twice...

1) for the dialogues -
" did u leave her or did she leave u?"
" i guess love left us..."
khamosiyon ki ladayi - the wars of silence
and many more... listen to the lyrics of the song.
2) for being so so sleek in its treatment and through its cinematography
3) for peeling of the thick crust of hustle bustle and showing the calmness, tranquility of bombay which lies underneath, for being the first movie which makes mumbai look like NY, gives it the same charm, a soul an ultra sleek look.
4) for being able to capture mumbai monsoon so beautifully
5) for the sensitive treatment given to each story (watch the love scene between dharmendra n nafisa ali)
6) for how the stories all end up at the same place (n the station looks beautiful)
7) for knowing that not all the stories have a happy ending
8) for the guts of the director, and the actor (irfan khan) to portray what a male really thinks, and justifying it beautifully.
9) for kay kay menon who has the guts not to shy away from doing such filthy characters. (first was in sarkar)
10) the beautiful dialogue delivery of the bengali girl (forget her name)
11) for the beauty of kangana raut, and also her portrayal of a lonely person who'd go through anything for getting the feeling of being loved n wanted, where all the facts n logic are glazed over by hope(also in gangster)
12) for how the feature length song has been integrated into the movie
13) for the song - n the band - n the looks of the band - n their ability to change the tempo as per the movie - n the vocalist who looks like that firang singer who sang "i would do anything for love, but not that"
14) for making people laugh, at regular n surprising intervals
15) for shilpa shetty, looks n acts good.
16) for bringing back dharmendra n more so for nafisa ali
17) ahhh tired... for tackling love the way it was.
18) for how the shilpa shetty kay kay menon thread ends - u'd expect her to leave him but how she gives her family another chance, for showing how big a girls heart can be, n how small a man's brain...
19) for how the story continues along with the credits
20) for there are so many more, just go n watch it, if u have, then a second time, these are the sort of movies where u discover something new eveytime u see 'em, as in matrix, departed, KANK (yea yea...i liked it a lot)
n yea the b'lore crowd needs to be cheered,
for staying till the credits ended,
n for cheering the movie, appreciating it.
n also the theater which showed the credits...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A homeless man sleeping at a bus stand, notice the 'kachua chaap' coil!!!
Surprising n Adorable.

Brought a smile to my face.
(click on the pic to enlarge)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

the unending reservations debate!!

so ru for reservations or against them?? and specify what kind of reservations are we talking about, based on economic status or based on social status. and is helping economically (loans etc) a better option to reservations.
well majority of arguments are against reservations, simply because anything given for free is always taken for granted, misused. Reservations are crutches given to able bodied people, which makes them dependant.
the entire logic behind reservations is that the upper castes have been priviledged all these years, and thus now have to make up, pay up. so they have to give up some of their priviledges to the unpriviledged.
one argument often offered by many youth is that our generation doesnot believe in discrimination on any basis, we are ready to give a fair chance in a competitive environment to anyone ready to fight. Why should we pay for what our fore-generations did??
well then aren't we as a country being double sided, on the carbon emission front, we are accusing the developed countries of harming the environment for so long that they should pay up now, own up to it and cut emissions even though our own emissions are responsible for a major portion of the total emissions today.
we should take responsibility right,

anyways talking about the environment, its such a huge oppurtunity for us, if we start reserach on environmentally friendly technology, we'd rule even after the pension years kick in. but here we are, being defensive as usual, not grabbing the oppurtunity. there was an article in sunday times somedays back saying the same.

take care.

Monday, May 14, 2007

confession of a guilty non-vegge..!

the place i am presently living is near a meat shop (there a also a 'desi daaru ka theka' but doesn't matter here..) many times i hear the shrieking of what sounds like a duck. and for some time i was wondering, who would keep ducks here. then realised they are not ducks, but thats how chicken sound when begging for their lives.
i, a pseudo bengali,am hard core non veggie. i relish it more then any other food, and frankly, for me food doesn't taste like food without it. although can and have lived without it, meals seem like 'should i eat today' instead of 'whats in dinner today??'
for sometime (three years i guess) i left it, before that i would always defend and defend passionately. but someone very significant n influential who i value, reasoned as to how hypocrite i was being, loving animals on one side, keeping two dogs, and still eating non veg.
frankly, i don't think its hypocrisy, human kind has been hunting for ever, pain is felt by every being, the food chain and all other systems would simple collapse if we do not have hunters.
but then in Bhopal i saw how chicken were halal, n how fishes used to wriggle n struggle till their last breath. i was pained by what i saw, but also am very practical in life, know pain is sometimes necessary.
had an epiphany which made me loose.
humans are not hunters anymore, they are breeders who kill. we actually rear all sorts of animals just to kill them. imagine living only to be killed.
only fishing is still hunting.
but all this are just words. over the last year, i have become a devout non veggie, and so today eat n live with a guilt. but am sadly weak willed to live, i can't give up the sin.
went to a office party last time, where one of my colleague revealed that he had secretly started eating mean. asked for a reason of starting it after 6 years, he said that during one session of introspecting why he was not having much fun in life, he realised it was because of not eating mean.
and i swear, its quite true. once u have tasted mean, other food tastes like umm.. 'ghaas phus'
take care.

Carrot n Stick

how many of us praise or criticise often?? well we do criticise often, but praise rarely. criticism comes easier because its easier to see whats wrong, we are more attuned to the negative. it also makes us feel better, knowing that some..' else has a fault that we don't, makes us feel superior, feel better about ourselves. it is very selfish because frankly we are feeding on some..' else ego to raise ours. we degrade some..' to feel better about ourselves.
well if ur thinking 'i do praise a lot of some..' a lot of the time' well praise also is mostly very selfish. its many times done to simply make someone feel better about us, many times done as a favour. many times as a barter, since i praised someone, i should get it back as well.

its maybe one of the reasons neither do we praise people a lot, nor do we constructively criticise. what we do is help ourselves through these mediums, instead of trying to help some..' else. our praise/criticism should be more of a feedback then a selfish act, and from what i have seen feedbacks are not only asked for but also appreciated a lot.
They also make some..' feel better, even if its a negative feedback, since now atleast they have something to improve. And a praise, even on mundane things makes u feel better, sometimes can make your day. it acknowledges something some..' might have put effort in doing, and criticism pushes some..' to do something.

also praise the process even if the goal has not been accomplished to the fullest. because that praise will make the some..' to go ahead and try again, and better them selves.
I believe well thought out praise/criticism is even rarer. most of what does come out is on the spur, without giving thought to or trying to understand the basis of it. we might say to someone handwriting is poor, without understanding why, and whether there can be something done to make it better. criticism should always be followed by advice, else it is just to make someone feel worse, knowingly or unknowingly.
A senior once said, don't point out a problem if u don't have a hint of a solution first. or you know that a solution can be found.
i hope people criticise/praise more, and why even categorise it, just give more feedbacks, let some..' know what you think of what they are doing... you can start by leaving a comment to this post..!!!
take care n enjoy!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

The original Sony Walkman
Looks better then most of the models available today!!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

there is a script..

which life follows, its amazing how one thing leads to another. yesterday for the first time i felt that it was meant to be, i was meant to be gloomy, i was meant to pick myself up, make an effort to come out of my gloom, meant to be walking on the pavement when the accident happened, meant to be a bengali, meant to be there...
also many times if i have made an effort to change things, some force helps me out. if you just make the effort to change ur present conditions, its amazing how things work out. just a strong enough will is required, u should want it bad, and should take the first step, it works out.
like in that indiana jones movie, where ford cannot see the invisible bridge, he still takes the first step, he takes the plunge, not knowing whats coming... and he lives on.
well always take the plunge, you will float, u might not live, but ur body surely will float!!! atleast u had the thrill of the plunge...
take care.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


a new word (for me)!! i didn't come up with it, but was used in TOI twice in the same issue in two different articles, by different authors, and i was wondering what is probability of that happening!!?!!
but it always happens, when ur thinking of something or you see somthing new, out of the blue, it starts appearing more n more. Happens to me quite often. recently for the first time heard about Royal Bank of Scotland, before the ABN takeover bid, and heard about it at the weirdest of places, my roomies love interest works there, and then read about it in some vague news article, and since then its been all over the place with the take over bid.
even dates have an unusal habit of re-appearing, 14th Nov is one such date. this day became significant around 7 years ago for me, and now there are atleast 13 people that i know who were born on this date!! and that inludes my dog jeanie!!
i wonder why, maybe we start paying special attention to the new thing, or when we hear, see or observe it again, when we come across it again it regiesters more prominently, since its been in our head. but i don't think thats the only reason. i guess we also attract it, when we want to hear about someting, know about something really bad, it comes to us.
its the entire energy funda a friend told me about and i have started really believing in it. manisfestation, more about that later.
and i guess that the reason it doesn't happen to everything, because we come across so many new things, new dates, new names, its only the one we really pay attention to, are in some way attached to whcih reappear. don't ask how i am attached to RBS, i might be taking it over after it takes over ABN..
for now let me just think about scarlette johansson (spellcheck..) alot, maybel i'll someday run into her. yea right, works only on repetitions!!!
PS, the word is beautiful isin't, how many times have we seen tragiComic situations in our lives, and believe me it can only happen to oneself, if happening to someone else its moslty more Comic then tragiC.
Thats why i don't run too much!! :-)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

tech...mapped out..

we use so many devices to help us remember all sorts of stuff, to organise stuff like keep our accounts, remember occassions etc. But all these need us to input the information first for us to retrieve it afterwards. which is almost always tiresome. we have come a long way in making it easier, from writing to paper, we not have mobile phones with voice recognition. but still it is tiresome. for any memo u have to take out the gadget, say out the command and so many other steps.
imagine a system in which a gadget was driectly pluggedin to our brains. so every time we think of a something to save we simply preceded it with a command, like SAVE - "meeting tommorow" - and then commit it to memeory by maybe blinking our eyes twice or something of that sort. would make life so much easier,
well systems already existin in which the brain impulses can be felt by external mechanisms and can also be used to control such mechanisms.
Even more powerful would be if we could organise our brain. we could have a foldersystem mapped out in our brains. we could have a search capabilites and achiving facilities.
well we have it all, we just don't know how to use it, how to organise it.
maybe someday we will learn!!