Monday, June 23, 2008

primer on getting a comfortable (or comfortablly numb) life!!!

am the last person to give the primer...but well...a comfortable numb life...yea that i can tell ya about.
was talking to this dude yesterday...who right now is entering a difficult and possibly life changing phase of life, he tells me he has only one goal in a comfortable life. thats his only dream. hmm...isn't that everyones dream...most of us atleast. its a big vague the same league as i want to be famous...i wanna make a difference...all big dreams.
the problem with many in our generation and maybe the ones before us is that we have big abstract vague dreams, which really are the destination. well not even the destination, the environment we want our destination to be in.
whats we don't know is how to get usual we forget the journey. don't think about it. we don't realise to have a comfortable life...there is a struggle which we must go through and not necessarily a struggle, but atleast a journey...which might take time, which might bring surprises on its way, which might want us to go in a totally different direction. but since we are so focused on the end result, which frankly if you ask to explain, you won't be able to, we simply keep on walking towards the destination, missing out the chances we get in life.
the lack of focus on the journey is partly a result of what we see...we see movies in which the protagnist is mostly already well to do, already famous, already there. we see and get impressed by people around us because they are settled in life, have nice cars, wear good clothes, are mature and make sense when they talk...and think...well thats how i want to be. we always miss out on how they actually go there. i haven't seen many movies which explain the journey, books yes...but few. most of these mediums only tell about the destinations...the incidents which portray victory and sometimes desperation, but never tell about the mundane life that is part of every journey, which frankly should be enjoyed.
and yea, the comfortable life. well don't ya think when it comes, you would actually be comfortable numb, especially if u haven't enjoyed the journey. a question spiritual gurus ask is what is you purpose in life...making money what else. but frankly what is our purpose...comfortable life. well then whats different between you and the next guy...and any guy in the world. live the same old circle...of birth and death...and in between...grow old...die off. same concerns..not belittling the small experiences and smallish variations we all have...but then life follows the same script, for most of us, doesn't it. well its not getting towards a comfortable life...but a comfortably numb life.
choose to live more different.
take care.