Wednesday, January 31, 2007

there is a large percentage of acceptance of mediocrity

How do you look at changes in Indian films, say music, over the years?
Things will change with changing times. The language has changed — there is brevity in everything. Keeping that in mind, everything gets changed — earlier there were beautiful lyrics and music which you could sit back and savour. Now people don’t have time. That makes the difference.
But, there is a large percentage of acceptance of mediocrity. That is very dangerous. What is not mediocre is very small and comes in the bracket of “elitist”. Can we ever do what is small, not because it is elitist but because of a need to rise above mediocrity.
Maybe it is because we have been subjugated for long by foreign powers so there is a sense of fear in what we do. So remaining mediocre is playing safe. There is this sense of “itna hi karte hain”. There is a great need to rise above mediocrity. I feel India is at the right spot to do this. That is where your (Times of India’s India Poised) campaign hits the right note for everyone. This is the time to fly. That’s why I chose that location (Mumbai’s Bandra-Worli Sealink) for your film — it’s modern and it symbolizes the message.
I just feel very strongly about it.

Amitabh Bachchan in Times of India, Jan 29th, 07.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Salaam e salaam e ishk

sheer parts though.
although not an original concept, it was a purely indianised version of Love Actually, but indianised is in no way derog anymore for indina movies. It felt like a foreign film, the treatment, the cinematography, effects, and still all the stories were plausibly indian. if indian films keep on improving at this rate, i will not have to compare them again n again with foreign movies.
Acting was good, Govinda shows his brilliance, the foreign chick n the rest were good, not great. Everyone praises Salman, but its easy to do the kind of roles he does. its the same old thing. n who is the Anil Kapoor ki crush chick?? looked pretty although her character was kindof confused. she is shown sad but then is potrayed by priyanka chopra as a b**** using guys!! or does it go deeper.

the best of the 5 stories was ofcourse Govinda and the phirang chick, althought can't call any of the five the worst. Fail to understand why sohail khan n khallas girl were there, although they too made most of the tiny little roles that they had. i guess they were there because according to the hindi movie formula there has to be some comedy, and it takes real guts to go beyond the formula. also Love actually had six stories.

the directore could have made a perfect pic, but the problem with perfection is it takes time. there were many moments or rather gaps in the movie where the director didn't know what to do, or rather had not got the idea, the vision for that part, and i guess becuase of time factor, put in what was not really mediocre, but also not up to standards of the movie. still it was far better then most other movies, it got quite close.

well whatever it was, i took my parents to the movie on their anni, and so it did make a perfect gift, except the haddi (me)!!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

still in inertia

just realised something else about intertia, because of intertia life becomes simple and easily understood. u can project or assume the future because of inertia.
realised it while driving my activa, the first thing i do after taking a blind turn, is take a note of everything new on the road, regiester the position or state of everything. a dog standing on the other side, a little girl playing ball, a slow moving scooterist. once i have done that, regiestered everything, my head in its sub conscious projects their movements or state for the next so many seconds till i take note of it again. and it goes to another thought.
if there states were to change suddenly, then that would require reflex actions on my part. a sudden bump in the road needs my attention, and my mind coming back to consciousness.
if inertia is not there, if i have to assume that the state will change every moment, then my mind will always be processing whats on the road, without leaving any space for other thoughts to come and get processed.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


love is supreme only when expectations are zero. unconditional love. it doenot vary with time, on how the loved behaves. its there always.
realised this looking at jimmy, got locked out of the house with my two dogs, was waiting for dad to come back. and thinking.
jimmy is the one creature who i have loved unconditionaly, and he knows it. and today i realised its because i don't expect anything out of him, i don't expect because i know he is not capable of giving anything. so noting great on my part but...
have seen this with someone else as well, as long as i didn't have any expectations, what ever she did, i showered her with my love. as soon as i started to see her differently and started expecting, it changed.
having no expectations also protects you from hurt, and keeps you eternally happy. try it, its a beautiful state of mind!!!