Wednesday, October 24, 2007


thoughts...lots of things going on, but just thoughts.

can a person be bad in real life but blog beautifully?? wondering...

dreams, pointers to ur state of mind. what is better, getting nightmares or the total lack of dreams, can't decide.

one day at a time, no future, try to disconnect from the past, one day where even the day is not defined.

enjoy experiences, all experiences, enjoy pain, enjoy hurt, enjoy bad and good memories, enjoy fights. float a level higher, hover and get a view of your life, u'll enjoy it.

why is the past so clingy, why is it difficult to get beyond its reach. why isin't the future more magnetic, or is it for some people, depends on just how ur..?

why is patience so scarce, why is understanding so scarce, why is empathy absent..?

why can't i let go, why can't i delete my experiences when i want to, why can't i achive them somewhere, which i can retrive only when required to guide me, but ignore when i wanna fly...
but who decides whether i wanna fly or be chained down...not me for sure.

should i increase the size of my font as demanded or should i do what i want??? or just advice people to highlight and read, is easier, thats what i do to read my own blogs...

a whole lot of crap i know...should i let it stay and make is unmarketable, or just stick to my OCD of writing what comes to my head, without trying to make it more marketable, let it stay pure.

should i stick to my OCD of giving credit to people who i borrow from or antagonise them by mentioning them. i guess the first, am anyways not read widely. so thanks r for OCD.

take care people...

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