Friday, November 09, 2007

discovering UnDiscovered...

PS: ever seen those movies, or songs or books or simply things that u just wanna write about, share with people, tell people. which when u do share with someone, and don't get that same passionate response, or understanding, wonder why, how can this person not like it. well i have a long list of those, and have been thinking of starting a 'list' and this movie made me, thus the name. so here goes...
(now i understand why orkut and other such 'social' sites have these in the first place, always wondered...)

after a long long time, discovered (how ironic) a late night movie which i loved. most of these things come to me when i least expect it and somehow very late at night. undiscovered is a tale of aspiring artists in LA, thats what IMBD says, but its just a love story set in that. its funny, i loved the dog roller skating, and is very very soft and quite realistic. least expected to see such a movie based in LA, well it starts off in NY and u'd expect a movie like this to be set there. its a nice heart warming story, with the usual coincidences and chasing the girl all the way to the airport (although here the dude has to get a ticket and go into the flight...)claps at the end etc etc... cliched i know but its the treatment which sets it apart. watch of those rare movies which mostly get missed. come to think off it, there can be very few basic love plots right, its all about the situations which set them apart.
take care.
PS: the one above is the pre-script...if ur wondering. also the link to the movie is here -

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