Friday, October 19, 2007


on 59th street subway station, coming back from apple store - sept 26th
lots of people love receiving gifts. it surprises them, makes them feel good, mostly because they feel someone cares enought to give enought thought n go through the pain of selecting a gift for 'em.
Very few actually like giving figts. enjoy the process of gifting. Its a small projects, giving the perfect gift the which if like gives a high.
many gift what they percieve the FTLOABW giftee would like, many gift stuff that they want the giftee to have. i usually am the latter (fits with my selfish nature) n i have known somone who is the former (she was the one who made me realise i was slefish) i have seen people who go all out to get taht perfect gift, not bothering whether their relation with the giftee is dear enough. Putting it bluntly, its to make u feel good or maybe take ur head of sth.
some tyr to substitue their inability of showing emotions with presents, some try to eleviate their guilt, some want to emphasize their love n care. some just want to prove it. their are very few who gift to make life special, bring a smile...n that too at few occasions. i haven't seen many pure gifts, but then their r anyways very few things in life pure enough.
that's all i have to say about that...except for what kind ru? N whats ur hidden reason...
Take care
PS: can't be complete withoug a PS can i... I haven't recieved a pure gift since ages, ever i guess. No one has even given a selfish gift for long...


  1. these were typed on an iphone, and thanks to the iphone i can blog anywhere, whenever get thoughts...

  2. I m waiting for mine tho.....i kno am selfish.... :D

  3. well have recieved one, and its hung on my wall. a ganesh, glass painting, crooked lines, weird but my fav colors, wrapped in the best wrapping ever - a news paper, is the best gift i was ever given, something which was specially made for me,
    thank you so much