Thursday, October 11, 2007

why go back..?

one series of questions i am asked often here is whether i like it better then india, whether i wanna come back, and some close people end up asking if i wanna settle here. my usual answer is i don't know, what i actually mean is i don't care. life for me in india or here is the same, i find beauty everywhere and thats what counts.
a lot of desi's here unabashedly participate in a lot of india bashing, and sometime back i enumerating to myself what i like about here, the space i get, the convinience of life, the egalitarian attitude, the compulsive desire to be different, and the constant innovation which come out of it, and so on, and then i suddenly thought, what do i like about india. whats so good about my country which makes me compulsively defend it.
and i have been thinking ever since...
india is the exciting, life there takes sudden turns, every moment lived in my country is an adventure, which comes out of lack of everything good. every place is differnt, and not subtlely different, glaringly different. attitudes, designs, perspectives, all are different, and this difference makes people accepting, it makes people more accepting of diversity. here people are not accepting, they just don't care, thats why u feel u have that space. which is better, i don't know.
what most of the india bashers forget is that india is india because of indians, (thats why even queens feels like india) so calling urself desi is abusing urself.
i have believed this for sometime now, india is the future, just need to stay back n enjoy the ride. i am ready to, are u. do u want to live in a society where everything has happened, or do u wanna be part of something...
take care.


  1. i will critically acclaim this article in more than a few lines.

    -dont approve it, just leaving a message

  2. am back in india, and i stand by what i have written. people told me once u go back, u'l miss NY, see how different and better it is, nope its not, its just differetn. i love the sounds here, the noises actually, the freedom from that straitjacket known as manner and proper behaviour.
    india is different, and i like it.