Monday, October 15, 2007

experinecing women...!

well the title was supposed to get u to read it, nothing weird in the post though. this is just a bit of the american marketing shock and awe rubbing off me.
anyways, everytime i see women doing jobs which they traditionally have not being doing, and are not expected to do by the larger world, i somehow awes me. primarily because its something new, and also because they mostly are very good at what they do.
a bus conductor in the crowded BEST buses, if u have travelled in them u know what crowded is, the conductor moves from the front door to the back to collect the tickets, handling the change and handing out the tickets. it, to me seems an impossible job which would make anyone frustrated. i once came across a female conductor, who even with people brushing again her (u'd expect women to be sensitive to it) was totally comfortable, even though people were not very polite, always had a subtle smile on her face, was quicker in dispensing the tickets,
it seems women enjoy their jobs more then men do, they get more of a satisfaction, more of a proud feeling doing their jobs. could be because they are not expected to do these jobs, and the fact that they are makes them feel proud. it shows int he way they work, they give their 100 percent, and value add as well. the conductor giving advice to people on how to get to their destination, the barber, who i have to say was amazing, didn't give me a great cut, but the experience was great. and it was so because of the way she treated me, she understood how i wanted my hair, when she though i was in doubt, she reassuringly say "don't worry will give u a nice cut" although was not fearful about what kind of cut i will get, that made me relax like nothing. at the end when they put the mirror at the back of ur head to show the cut at the back, she holds the mirror momentarily, and suddenly says sorry, reached for my glasses which were on the table in front of me and hands them over to me to put them on, absolutely mind blowing. i was amused, touched and amazed, thats heights of thoughtfulness, amusing because of the fact that everytime when some barber asked me to check my back cut, i simple nodded, not having the patience to pick up my glasses, without seeing anything.
i was wondering why more woemn donot get into this profession or into cooking, i mean, it comes to them naturally right, they have far better sense of design, of sizes and shapes, of symmetry, are far more detailed in their outlook. so why not??
this is a draft..but stil publishing, will make it right soon.
take care.