Friday, October 19, 2007

designing experiences

There is nothing extra special about the places tourist usually visit in US. We have older, more majestic n beautiful PTUV. N we have older more relevant n more meaningful stories backing them up. But what they have r better experiences, which give u an illusion of a bar better experience then it actually is.
Customer delight is what it is known as in marketing parlance. The way it is designed, taking u right to the edge of a waterfall, actually facing the fall battering you right on the face, getting wet inspite of the free ponchos, that feeling of an experience of a lifetime, is all designed for u.
but only few realise that these r exp. created for u. that only a trek through ardous trails to get to a waterfall, totally exhausted and bruised gives u the exhiliration n sense of achievement which is unmatched. the kind u wanna tell people about, that i missing here. adventures here r commodotised.
have to give ti to 'em for being such amazing marketers. Kotler, an American to the core is right, all that is needed is innovation and marketing. all else can be outsourced!!!
take care.

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