Friday, June 29, 2007


i have been accused of being selfish for quite some time, me always wondering what it meant, not understanding why.
it only dawned on me when i complained to others about them being selfish, and suddenly it realised what it meant to be selfish.

its the lack of empathy for people, thinking about urself always, expecting things all the time.

i have many friends who are great with me when i am good with them, when i am happy they like me, but as soon as i stop talking because of lack of space in my head, they accuse me of forgetting them, and stop talking to me. that is selfish. and i believe that is not a friend but an acquaintance.

humans are selfish, like every being on earth, we just sometimes understand it, and because we do, we are social beings; and because we do, we feel guilty all the time. its the worst feeling of all, and if u realise it, it drives many of our actions.

i have been and still am very selfish, and am guilty of it.

take care.


  1. Read all ur posts and to b honest i m IMPRESSED!!if start commentin about every post of urs then i will get short of time so wont do tat!! anyway just to let u know that henceforth i m gonna comment on every post of urs just to share my view:-)hope tat wouldnt bother you.
    keep writin so tat i can start commenting!!
    take care

  2. thanks a lot, look forward to ur comments and discussions. take care.