Friday, June 08, 2007

one ear, two legs...any suggestions??

was waiting at a bus stand, and bangalore has these rain water drains running below the pavement, with inlets from the road, suddenly out of one of these inlets, a cat, white, emerged n pounced on something. then it dragged itself to a side n sat there.
its legs were crushed, ever had chicken legs, seen the bare bones after chewing off the meat, thats how its hind legs were. and one was broken and dangling at the hip, no paws, just stumps.
one of its ears had been cut off, the other was still standing alert. had injuries on its neck, stomach, and had bruised front leg pits (analogy to armpits), because of the stress it had to undergo dragging itself.
the stumps were dry, the injury atleast a week old, and it was surviving, not too thin.
took it to the animal shelter, first the clinic and then the actual shelter.
doc said might have to amputate both hind legs, and then survival will be difficult. should put to sleep. and i said give her a chance.
practical animal lover, because i have always been pro euthanasia, if the disease is incurable. i have seen and understood the need of dogs been caught by the municipal dog catchers, when other fellow dog lovers used to cry. i knew it was necessary.
but yesterday i couldn't bear to know the fact that i won't survive. was asking the doc to give her a chance, she might survive, reasoning she had survived so long without any help.
the cat kept on crying all the way in the rick, afraid of the speed, very insecure, was hiding her face behind my back, as soon as reached the cattery at the shelter, saw the other cats and was at peace.
am thinking of a good name for her, even if just for a week. hopefully more. one ear, two legs...any suggestions??
a couple was at the clinic with their Alsatian, dead on arrival, its body lying on a strecher. first i though it was under the affect of some anesthetic, never imagined dog deaths. they were crying bitterly, the lady had put her head on his chest and she was crying bitterly. they left soon, took his collar as remembrance, couldn't stand the thought of even looking at him. i almost cried.
life goes on..!
take care.


  1. she died the next day at 1 PM, before i could visit her agian!! died in her sleep, wondering if i would have left her at the pavement, would it have survived on its own,

  2. u gave her that day more, and am sure she thanked you for it..