Tuesday, June 19, 2007


why is every one today so impatient, they want everything now, do everything now, why so, r we all dying soon?? or is it that life is a race not a morning walk kind of funda.
in our impatience, we miss out so many things, we miss out the now more then anything. and not only that, we mess up the now many times.
crossing roads, why don't people wait for the lights to turn green, why do pedestrian cross at the first break in traffic, inevitably halting some vehicle or another, causing a jam.
if they would just have waited those extra 40 seconds or so, everyone would have crossed.
why are we so impatient to get the next jump in job, without actually fully accomplishing the one we have right now.
impatience and dissatisfaction.
live now, enjoy the ride, what ever pace it come at. if its going slow, u have more time to enjoy the views, get into the details. stop running so hard. its a long walk, and not a sprint.
take care.

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