Sunday, June 03, 2007

the great indian aerosmith show!!!

Indian Ocean is far better, atleast u don't feel like they are doing a favour by coming here n putting up a show. because thats exactly how aerosmith felt like. 1800 bucks down the drain, would have been totally wasted if it was not for the b'lore crowd.
and indian ocean doesn't feel like a show, a very managed planned out show. aerosmith came out rocking, their was no build up, no usual up and downs in the tempo, what was there was a very managed show, where the contract ruled how many songs, and above that which songs.
they didn't sing the crowd fav, well indian crowd fav's but played some of their new album songs expecting the crowd to sing along. should have studied the market and come. at the end of it, we, select few were almost begging them to play some more, but were left feeling cheated and shouting abuses.

one of my friends pointed out, that all these bands come to india only at the fag end of their careers, when no one is listening to them in the states or europe, when will a nelly furtrado or an eminem come here??

don't think it was a waste of money, bangalore crowds were there to watch, and it is a beautiful crowd, i guess thats why the shows come here. a mix of all kinds, but all looking very vibrant, we are a young country for sure, by age and heart.

take care.

(found this saved in my drafts, left me wondering why was it not published because i sure as hell was pissed off that night...)

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