Sunday, August 30, 2009

whatever gets you going...

well i know some movies where this has been used in a very different sense...but here, it was quoted by the great mai in an elevator, and meant whatever inspires you...forget the context, but somehow found it really powerful. and thought provoking.
do the means justify the ends...thats what this statement flirting justified if it makes you happy, is smoking justified if it helps you think,
well, don't know, its a tough question, and differs from each situation, from each perspective. but sometimes i think, as long as you are not hurting someone permanently, as long as you are thinking of the greater good, i think its fine to take support of something which other wise might not be justified, might not be right.
anyhoo...another thing which was said was that its ok to go around with girls and take emotional support if ur in a foreign country, as you don't have anyone else and are lonely. well, i don't think it every is, but as long as both parties know what it is that they are getting into, have their expectations set, and are tranparent and honest, temperory emotional attachments are fine. as long as they don't permanently scar, but don't think that happens, everything scars you, leaves a mark.
saw a couple of nice movies today, three actually, Loving Leah was sometime back, wrote about it in a pervious post. nice movie, quiet different in the sense it deals with a very real situations, which might actually happen, talks about a girls husband dying and her having to marry her husbands brother because of some tradition, and how they finally fall in love. the movie is very relevant to the indian society, where girls get married at really young age, many times having to sacrifice their dreams, their idea of a this case she gets a chance to get her life back. i know someone who got married at at 31, she is a very lively female, had a lot of fun, which suprises me. wonder what it must have been to get married so early.
well that was one, the other was breach which is a true story about a CIA mole, couple of things, its kind of a biopic, how a mole gets caught, doesn't have any action, just a plain movie which tells a story. not very entertaining in the sense it doesn't keep you rooted to your seat, but then it does tell a story. its a true story...and at the end, like any other true story, has these 'what happened after' scrolls...and somehow these scrolls make the true story truer...i always wait for them, they kind of add to the authenticity of the movie, weird. also i don't know why, but a true story always becomes a higher rated movie for me then a made up one, well its got less of a creative input, there is not story made up, so why, i guess, just because it actually happened, so its not made up, you get to say 'well these things do happen'.
what else, yea, '10 things i hate about you', its a yuppy love movie....american school flick. but somehow, although it has some of the stupid gags that such movies (pointing to american pie) usually have, its also makes sense. the pretty girls attitude of falling for money and looks, the stuck up girls attitude of wanting to liked for her brains and being a rebel, the fathers concerns and his struggles to let go and hold on, and heath ledger. well watch it when you just want to enjoy a very light movie.
heath ledger, he was almost a nobody, and if he'd have gone the way he did, he would have been a nobody. but he became the joker and now is immortal. am not sure if the depression came because of the performance or the performance came because of the depression, i think the latter.
but here's the question, the great mai, when told that it was maybe the right time to go, right at the top, no one will question you ever, just remember that one last performance which made you memorabel, said, whats the point, ur dead.

agreed, you are dead, but then you are also immortal. its like the picture of the buddhist monk sitting in the fire, burning alive for a cause. will you do it, take up a cause, and take an extreme step, knowing that if you accomplish what you started out for, you won't be there to enjoy it...allt he people who kill themselves to protest something, i am sure, partly, they have the fact of becoming immortal at the back of their minds, but then, immotality is something you can't enjoy yourself, so it their a point to it.
just a question, you'll only come to know when u get into a situation like that, and i hope someday you do. one way or the other, you'd have lived a bit more.

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