Saturday, August 08, 2009

feel like blogging

not a really good title is it...was bloggin in a bus sometime back on my BB, mailed it to myself.
One of those times where you really wanna blog but don't know how.
Am in a bus going to the airport to pick up dad, first time we will be spending alone time ever.
There's a couple sitting opposite to me, at some distance though..have a very cute baby. Good looking couple, both belong to each other. Well this would explain better, remember phoebe telling chandler, you see all these great looking girls with nothing could be that. Well this is not one of those couples.
But sth's wrong. They just had a fight or are at a very uncertain place, sth like that. fight meaning argument kinds, uncertain place meaning came to know something they didnot prepare for, were not ready for and so are still digesting the fact. looks like the first though, are not talking to each other, but they steal these glances at each other with the bahana of looking at the baby. Quite cute.
Its like they both wanna talk, have so many things to say, but pehla kaun walla funda hai...the husband has this totally blank expression on his face, as if he trying not to think at all. the lady, pretty lady, keeps on getting these expressions on her face, she is thinking it over, scenes flashing in her head, and her reaction to the scene can be seen on her face. it lights up when she feels love, and she purses her lips when feeling guitly...
The baby is cute..just sitting in her father's lap, and has her chin supported with a finger, well not really but from a distance looks like that. Under the circumstances is a very appropriate pose and quiet funny too...
Ah just started talking, the girl said sth to break the ice. Well its gonna get over soon...
I miss fighting... :-(
Yup they r back... :-)

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