Monday, August 17, 2009

animal conspiracy...

its like all the animals / birds / reptiles are coming together and attacking the human race...bird swine flu. good for them i say, someone should.
anyways just something to start with. and below are just random things somewhere connected to the swine flu...
it started in US, and mr shr1 who sits next to me at work, always the funny one, when heard that someone from the ny office was visiting said, "unhe bolo abhi naa aaye..." and i said why and he goes..."swine flu dude!!!". so finally the tables have turned huh? that day there was change in what i thought of us Indians. i thought we were humble by nature, but appraently we not really humble, we were just poor and opressed. sorry for sounding like that...i am proud of being an indian, really love it, but i like being humble, i don't want to reject people just because they are sick, or judge them because they are colored (pointing towards some of my friends judging african junta in blr). well we have been there, so why judeg others when we are somewhat past it??? i am very surprised at how a little bit of money and a little bit of a western life style, a little bit of booze and parties, makes us forget everything. where we start questioning movies like slumdog, saying thats not what india is...well india is all that, and far more. so lets not forget who we are and where we are coming from...lets not let it hold us down...but lets not also loose our humility.
too many 'lets'...a clear indication that i am sermonising again (english for gyaan dena :-) )
watching this nice movie 'loving leah', should be in other part of the blog, and i should be going to work, but what the hell, my boss somehow got the idea that i am on vacation...
so one more thing about swine flu...its just started in india, well 5 deaths till now in blr, but you already see a lot of people wearing masks. my friends don't want to go watch 'kaminey' (which is a must watch by the way) because they don't want to go to public places. well one, its overreacting and second, its reacting in the first place. i remember the time when plague broke out in Surat, i was in Ahd, but for a long long time, even as the news kept on coming, people didn't react. life was normal. but now, 10 years later, people have started reacting. its only in the cities, and guess only in the IT cities (pune, blr, hyd) but people are reacting. as i wrote some time back, guess once you don't have to worry about food, and clothes and housing...that you can start worrying about wearing masks to protect urself from swine flu.
well i don't have to worry about the first, and i am not gonna worry about the swine flu, puts too many restrictions on you. too much to give up not to get swine flu. more thing. so was reading all the advisories on swine flu, and one said that it is swine flu can be prevent far more if the people who have it wear masks, rather then people who are not infected. so now everytime i see a person wearing a mask, i wonder whether s/he alreayd has it?

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