Monday, August 24, 2009

i told someone its gonna be a packed weekend...well it sure was an eventfull one...a party worth calling a party after a long time...3am trips to get stuff...and discovering that the person you went to get it from and the person you went to get it for, both have crashed...talking to good friends late at night, and then working all evening, being the owner and getting appreciated for it, early morning show of kaminey, second time, celeberating ganesh chaturthi by eating like ganesh...and then a first datec (kinda) at twenty-eight (made it rhyme see) and a pleasant one at that, sharing friends with someone after a long time, discovering more then smelly cat..and getting to know about the new age english songs...finally sleeping, and then my first past midnight issue...which i got yea, an eventfull weekend, not over yet though.

anyways that was the personal blog part of it, now what i really have been wanting to write about...kaminey.
well first things first, i don't understand the name, itni kaminapanti dikhayee nahi hai movie main, could have been named something better. don't have any suggestions but could have been something else...

except for the name, i loved everything about it. this i think would be the first movie in hindi cinema, which makes you stick to the seat. you cannot loose attention for a minute, or else you are lost, the movie stops making sense.
a lot has already been written, shahids acting, the so natural fexy and, and the amazing cinematography, the movie looked like a home video of an amazing quality, the music, and the background score, the dhan ta nan, which actually gets your pulse racing, the acting by everyone else...the jokes which make you laugh unexpectedly, they just popped up. and the chills. this girl (who was there with a date, who was a south indian and din't understand hindi so much, and kept on asking her to translate, was also kind oversmart, tyring to laugh at stuff, the girl was kind of on one of those 'so what, atleast i get to watch a movie' dates, and interested in the movie, in her popcorn and in her cola...thats it.) sitting next to me today actually spilled her cola and popcorn in shock when charlie hits guddu in one of the scenes. the direction was brilliant, was it in the league of tarantino and guy ritchie...well don't know, but it surely was topnotch by indian standards.
so what else can i say...knowning me you know i have something to say...
so heregoes...
i have written in some movie review on this blog, that only if filmmakers had the patience they would achieve perfection, well this movie did. there was not one thing that i thought was out of place, was not required, or could have been added. it was quite perfect.
why did people not like it...well some didn't understand it, the movie was kind of too confusing for them, and they just lost interest, these were also the people who said the movie didn't have a story. some didn't like the violence, well it was rated 'A' and rightly so, whatever Shahid has to say, a movie with a dialogu like 'pyaar ke beech main koi teesra nahi aana chahiye' and has a 'everyone dies in the end' gang war scene at the end, should be rated Adult. a lot of people didn't like it because it didn't give a message, well not everything does. sometimes there are just movies which entertain, which don't leave you all brooding afterwards. hell i am sucker for such movies, but doesn't mean there can't be pure entertainers like these ones, and well you can take out a message out of anything.
well for me it was perfection, three cheers to Vishal Bharadwaj. the third really good movie this year, after Slumdog and Dev.D...three movies which actually started a debate, and for me anythign that stirs up emotions, did its job really well.
and yea almost forgot...for people looking for a message, the starting song shot at kamathipura...about using protection, well that was a message. and so was the mumbai vs bombay thingy...remember Shahids dialogue, 'tab yea bombai hi tha'.
go watch it, and watch it again...
me off to sleep now, ah wait gotta wait for dawn.
take care.
PS...more conversational style...someone told me she likes it. but then its just they way i write now a days, not something on purpose.

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