Thursday, August 20, 2009

cost of not doing the right thing...

there was some stats somewhere that packaged water is more expensive then cola's...well not sure about that, but was thinking, we actually pay for water now a days. during my MBA it really surprised me that students use to by aquafina bottles and not drink from the coolers.
and then the other day i saw this advert by an america company which certified water, they basically test packaged water and certify, kind of an ISI mark for water.
saw this three vehicle carrying 20lt cans yesteday and something stuck me, how much premium are we made to pay because someone somewhere was not honest, didnot do the right thing, took the easier shorter route...
think about it, was was always clean, you could take out water from the well, and drink out of the tap. then we screwed up the environments, and polluted all water sources, so now we need to put in purifies, and start drinking packaged water. till a time there was Bisleri, everyone trusted it, then came the cheaper brands, wich were cheaper, but didnot purify water now there are certifying agencies.
a bottle of bisleri cost so much no only because of the purifying costs and transportation, but also because bisleri has to change its bottle design, put in safety caps et al because people copy it and come out with duplicates.
so well my point is...we pay so much more for someone else being dishones, and someone does for us taking the shorter route.
am in software, and was a civil engg when i used to enjoy my work...both professions major costs are around quality control and assurance. but if you make it right the first time, and keep on doing so, even if you spend more time doing it, after a time testing won't be required, because assurance about quality will be built in. but no, we won't build it right the first time, because then how can we charge for all the add on's, all the testing, all the bugfixes. Microsoft is a $52 billion company right!!!
just wondering if we don't actually waste so much money wasting what we did wrong in the first place, and put it into new ideas, the world would be a better place and at a very cheap cost.

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  1. nicely written :) ....keep the ball rolling