Wednesday, August 01, 2007

the culture of walkin...

heard this long time back, bombay is the NY of india, and always used to think 'no its not, maybe LA of india but surely not NY'. always used to think bangalore would be more fit to get that title, now that i am here, i guess none is truly NY, b'lore and b'bay together maybe but yea b'lore come closer, atleast has the potential.
one thing similar to both cities is the culture of walking, to office, back home, to buy food, just for the sake of walking. walking i guess is better then any mode, it gives you ample time to understand the city, to look at the faces, to understand the people. nothing whizzes by, everything seems still.
i don't know why any other city in india doesn't have this culture, maybe our desh is not meant to be walked in, or rather our cities are not, the pollution, the hustle, the speed of things kill you. there are no pavements, no trees on the side of the pavements, no flower pots kept to refresh you, no benches to relax on. here the buildings are on the edge of the pavements, you can entertain urself walking. and there is a non existent public transport system, no connectivity to most places, so instead of walking to the workplace or anyplace, people take their own vehicles, or ricks, which frankly are the worst mode of transport.
b'lore is one place i have seen some similarity, people walk, don't prefer it but for some reason do.
hopefully we'll be there soon.
take care.

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