Friday, August 31, 2007

take care..!

have been sick for some time now, not too sick, but enough to bother me. and have realised the importance of having someone who cares, and pampers. am taking care of myself, but still feels good if someone asks, and cares. lessens the pain, gives a sort of security, or atleast an illusion of security.
i remember once had this acute pain in my ear, it immobilised me, couldn't even sleep, the nearest doc was about 20ks away, was kinda afraid to go alone. then a friend came along, and just the presence made it far better. in retrospect the friend didn't help much, but i myself got so much of confidence, i could handle it, and i also forgot the pain.
i was in allahabad, on a construction site, miles away from anywhere, and life was as bad as it can get. the only constant in life is ur life itself, it was a rut which seemed never ending. like going through a movie again and again...till the point where u start noticing the background because the scenes and dialogues are memorised. during that stay, a 58 year old career civil engg, who lived his life away from his family on such sites, whose entire day passed dreaming and dreading about his retirement told me to take care of myself, never fall sick because if u do, there will be no one to take care of u.
but don't u wish that day never comes, u always have someone whoes highest priority is u, and don't u want to be that for someone else too.
guess till you become parents, thats not gonna happen, especially if u have lost ur love.
by the way, and i might be repeating myself, but a person who has helped you when ur at ur vulnerable most, u never forget them, are always in debt.
take care.

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  1. had an accident some time back, didn't hurt me much, but had the potential to kill me if only the conditions were right, anyways came home, happened at past midnight, and realised every part of me that could get hurt, was, was in so much pain couldn't stand. and then, for the first time was scared, really afraid, and in that called up the same friend. because she had helped me some time back and that it had got into my core, had make an impression on my soul. it didn't make me feel any better, but i did call up.

    am leaving more comments on my blog then anyone else!!! amusing...