Thursday, August 23, 2007

random thoughts

have been looking to write all day long, was kind of inspired by a couple of things (one of which was comments from a person who was one of the persons i wanted this blog to be read), but didn't know what to write about, was not getting words. its amazing, am in a new city, a new country and still don't find a lot of stuff to write about.
anyways, i found NY to be weirdly bland to start with, not as colorful, quite mundane. things don't happen here, if ur in India, there are incidents happening everyday, floods, bomb blasts, strikes, they do add color to life, pull you of the rut.
but had a closer look, and atleast started hearing some voices. u hear sirens of all kinds at all times of the day, fire alarms, police cars, steam pipes blowing up and all sort of stuff. helicopters and ferries, and water breaking on the south seaport. a significant in my life, told me it takes time to know a city, peel of the layers, i am just starting too.

groups should never be mixed, especially if there are people who are not understanding, but rather are judgmental.

saw chak de india, beautifully done, well shah rukh still was quite plastic faced, but there were slivers of brilliance, but that apart, the director did a brilliant job, and i believe it was a huge step for yash raj movies to get out of the mind set of making commercially successful movies, and adding unnecessary content which they believe will ensure that.
this was a commercial movie, but was also very true to itself. there were no unnecessary additions, authenticity and genuineness were the objectives and were well achieved, through the accents, someone did their research, the starting comments about the north eastern girls, although offensive, were true in nature.
the movie was not cluttered, rather compared to some similar english movies seemed quite spread out. i wonder if that is because of the lack of good acting, which forces the director to be very elaborate on scenes. also the movie was not as exciting as should have been, the background music was to fault at some places.
anyways a great watch, with some good dialogues, and a beautiful script.

watched this in an asian theater, with some pakistanis sitting besides us, and was wondering how they would be feeling. was thinking if we are globalising, should we add content which goes down well with all audiences or be indian. still thinking...

take care.

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