Wednesday, July 25, 2007


in NY, meeting a lot of the self named 'desi's...', a term i have come to hate, because it is so self deprecating, and also oxymoronic. why, well indians who are here, and else where (australia, UK) have a lot of attitude, and see India as a third world country, and are pretty proud of being out of their crowded, dirty desh, but still call them selves desi's, which like other terms give to other communities (blacks, afros etc) is used in a very self deprecating way.
its amazing how much people start cursing india after living out for only two years, and still don't forget the same habits they curse indians for!!! a girl, asking me not to go to a particular pub because its more of a pick up joint for 'horny indian software professionls' doesn't refrain from borrowing a cig every oppurtunity she gets,

and yes, we are indians everywhere, we still get everywhere late, we still litter and we still are not courteous just because its a how you should be, and most of us are still very cheap n stingy,

and there are so many of us everywhere, we rule tech everywhere.

take care.

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