Tuesday, April 17, 2007

have been here a week now, n frankly spend most of my time around the caffe!! its huge, serves great food, n has a TV which mostly has CNN or BBC (sometimes the cricket channel if lucky).
everyone including the contingent n service staff dine together, no restictions as to who can come n who cannot, so even people who take our plates for cleaning eat with us. this goes quite against the elitist image the company has. n frankly was so happy about it but soon noticed..
my piont is, till the mantality changes, till that feeling from inside changes, there will always be a divide. even thoug policy allows everyone to sit together, mostly the service staff sits at the far end of the caffeteria. what can be done to change that, simply putting policies can't help, may be if some of the top guys would make an effort.
Same with the status women are given, although about that next time.
take care

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  1. there should be a self service in the cafeteria....self help is the best help.....bhidoo....there wont be any divide then!