Monday, April 23, 2007


yup, men are gonna be extinct in another, well don't worry, another many mnay years for that to happen, but yea, someday women are gonna rule.

first the Y was getting weaker, now they don't need the weaker Y at all, women can get by it, just need to preserve some stem cells. i am sure soon they will be digging graves to get bones out to extract some DNA which can be converted into the tadpoles.

have always known that women are far better then men at most things. they can handle more complexity, look at any women around u, handles work, home which in turn is a super set for husband/bf, parents, children, relatives, friends, grocery shopping etc etc. they are beautiful negotiators, good managers, are getting pretty good at decision making as well, are better power players then men, especially when dealing with men. they know how to have fun, are more creative, imaginative, and also don't sit on their asses all the time. believe in action.
they are more mature at the same age, have had many more critical experiences, have seen more life, and have understood more of it as well.

so why men?? well because i am still to see women who sees the future, who can make huge corporations work. who can stratigise, who sees the big picture. women are more into detail, i have seen very few able to look at the macro side of things, who can dream what can be!! who can be visionaries. and frankly visionaries are people who take the world forward, with a women in charge, u will have a more perfect world, but it will be the same old world. Life will be mundane, boring, stuck in time.
men are nothing in front of women, but for the fact that they can dream big, bigger then imagination permits sometimes. women can never create war just for ambition, men can!!!
and yea exceptions exist always, although they might not be the rule in this case.
take care.

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