Sunday, April 29, 2012

Vicky donor

So i just saw the movie and no, i wont review it. Its an easy movie to review, except for the antiquated tight asses who might have found the movie disgusting but still laughed out loud watching it, am sure most liked it, enjoyed it.
And am not gonna say about how hindi movies have become technically flawless and all that...said many times (was one of the first to see it coming btw) but this one just goes to prove the point a bit more.
So one thing which was different about the movie was how the stereotypes about different regions was so portrayed in the movie. If you have lived and interacted with people from different areas, you should have experienced their weirdities first hand. Bongs r like this, punjus like that, so on. Its not true for every person, but overall quite true. 
In the movies, these weirdities have always been shown in a snide way, in a very contemptful, demeaning, n mostly slapstick stupid comedy way, but suddenly, in a couple of movies before this n for sure in this one its been portrayed in a more mature albeit still humorous way. Its part of the story, not just making fun of some poor side character actor, which was good to see!
Why suddenly was a question and I guess its just a sign of how India has been changing because of the new economy and modern jobs n businesses. More n more people are leaving their homes n working elsewhere, going out of the protection of their communities and cities n coming in contact with the so called outsiders. Take bangalore for exapmle, there seem to be more outsiders here then native kannadigans, and more n more are they interacting. I today live with a marathi n an android, n my friends include a maru, a gujju, a tamillian, a jaat n well people from everywhere.
Just saying that the new business has made India more integrateed, we used to be like how america was, not aware of the rest of the world, had these unsubstantiated ideas about diff countries. In India everyone from south was madrasi, everyone up north was a delhiet. And ofcourse both were bad! But today delhiets know that there are 7 sourthern states, n southies know that north and north indians are different from delhi n delhiets.
And the surest sign of our country actually integrating was when i saw north east people in guju land. U see them in blr quite often, but Gujarat is like the opposite side of the country. Really liked the fact that they were there n doing good jobs. Not the stereotypical waiters n beauty parlor girls. Dont take me wrong, they ventured out 10 years ago to mostly bangalore, n now have gained enough confidence to start working in the main stream. They are still not accepted, but another then years n one of the most cut off arms of the country won't be so!
Anyways, I need to learn how to be conscise n not ramble on, but am not writing my best anyways so its ok. Bear with me.
Another thing which was different was how the girl (very pretty, n a good actress) was shown as a divorcee n how it was handled in the movie. Well frankly, all the families were real, they were not the ideal happy indian family, neither were they the convoluted political k serial families, they were real families, which dont think has been shown in commercial indian flicks, in arty farty movies yes but not here. And another thing which is quite personal is alliances between different communities, bong n punju in this case. Something i have lived through, something which was always looked down upon but maybe thats changing.
I dont know whether the movies are portraying the societal changes or the movies are leading them, I wouldn't say that our society has changed n become more liberal n accepting, or that we have super progressionist film makers, think its one foot leading the other n both moving forward…in any case its a good development for this country.
Someday we will actually become and integrated India!!!
Cheers to that, laters!

PS: and although the male version of has become really famous, I like the female version more...can't find a good video version online so heres the original!!


  1. Very True...The intention of Graduating India and preparing her for lot more of advancement in store was indeed needed...that the movie has done pretty well. Plus the social unity that we need to call ourselves truly "United" is also the need of the Age.. I would say one of the Brilliant Initiative was the Movie...and I loved it to the Core!! A pretty Decent, Nice and Target to the Cause Movie...

    P.S. Loved Annu Kapoor Too :)
    P.S.--> writing a commnet with my id (First time):D

  2. oh good...from Anonymous to Nobody is progress. :)
    Loved Anu Kapoor too, should win a national award for this one!