Sunday, May 06, 2012


thats the hashtag I use when quoting movie dialogues on my twitter feed...and today after some time did a couple. There were many more but then found some deeper questions and so decided just to blog...
so the movies today were 'Last Night' and 'London, Paris, New York' (think that is the sequence).
so the first, english arty farty pic released last year, deals with a couple, in which both have have a chance of having a extra marital affair. well i won't go in the details, but the gist is that the guy in the couple has what really was a one night stand just for sex, and the girl in the couple meets up with her true love but still resists have sex, although they do spend a very emotional night together. but no hanky panky.
so well watch the movie, not an awesome movie really, Keira knightly looks as beautiful and as thin as ever, and am sure a hundred girls with die for the french guy, plus the movie is based in NY which is always high for me, love NY. anyways the thought...
was thinking which is more unacceptable, which would hurt more...a one night 'just sex' stand without any emotional attachments, or on where you are with the love of your life, and you share more chemistry and more stories with that person then with the one ur married with and even though there was no sex, in that one night u became more closer to this one person then to ur wife / husband? which is worse, which hurts more?
I guess it all depends on what you count as cheating, just sex or that conversation...just a question, don't want to dwell on it too much.
the other was the oft used multi city, spread over many years love story story line...but I think first one in Hindi...and quite different from the ones  I have seen till date. Always wanted to see this one, liked the treatment of the movie, was intrigued by the snippets in the trailer and also by Hyderi...who is has a certain intellectual, fun look that I like, and more then anything, someone who evokes a lot of curiosity.
anyways the movie didn't disappoint, my expectations were anyways low so...but yea good movie to see.
True love never leaves you always is there lurking somewhere at the back of your head, and it always makes its presence felt from time to time. You move on in life mind you, you have different people in ur life and u have a career and many have kids and all...and I have still not validated this but true love always shows its presence in you life, throughout your life. :)
its happened in my dads life, a story which I think is too personal to write here, but some day I shall recount it in a comment on this post...
another thing...its amazing when we let the small inconsequential things come in the way of love...I mean the ego fights, the you should have proposed first and what will people say and what not...its just idiotic. because the small inconsequential things will take away the one chance you had of having an awesome life. And yes, you can live a happy life, maybe even a content life, but you cannot live an awesome, every day is a dream life. So well my advice, now and forever is this...if you love someone truly, don't bother about the practical things, they will pan out and solve themselves.
In any case, if you have fallen in true love, you are lucky, because, whether it comes true or not, you will always have something beautiful and white.
PS: i always wanted to live every story...and not sure if its the movies I am picking or what, but do see myself already living (or lived) a lot of these stories. for eg I have lived the 'in the moment' story in this one...the thing is, as much as I like doing so, most of the stories I live don't conclude on a good note, they cannot because if they do, I won't be able to live another story...and if there are no happy conclusions...then there is a lot of pain and hurt and missing. :(
whether I still wanna live all the stories, or just wanna settle for one...i still don't know. :-|
oh and btw, one of these days I might end up giving a speech like the one at the end of the second one...and not just complain to one person, but to many many people!!! :D
till the next movie...quite a personal post...just missing!!!

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