Sunday, April 22, 2012

crests and thaws!!!

was thinking about Yuvraj Singh, how life takes a turn, a year back he was at the highest point in his career and just some time later, struggling to just to stay alive. Then started looking at the trend and realized that he has always had an ups and downs life, just before the world cup he was out of the team and well right from the start of his career, one thing or the other.
and I have known people like that, people who always have ups and downs. People who'd seem normal, everyday to most, they live through such highs and lows...and was wondering why?
and now my thoughts are getting a bit muddled, so the post shall be too this point on.
well one thing that i know about these people is that they all are never satisfied, they all look out for more, and not in a negative sense, but they never compromise with what they have. For some its a very consicous effort, for some (like me) its very unconscious. We never get peace till we get what we wanted. Some can put what they want in words, some like me 'just feel it', and cannot put in words.
But they are all the same, they unconsciously want something, and consciously never settle for anything else. and because of this they keep on taking risks, they keep on doing things that most other satisfied people would not. They grab at those opportunities where success rate would be less...or like me where it really is zero (stupidity i know, but kya kare). They'd risk making the same mistake, hoping against hope that that 1% chance of success might actually come true.
These people hurt more, they suffer far more, and many times they also become immune faster...but these are also the people who feel euphoria in the true sense. These are also the people who touch the boundaries of that awesome euphoric state, simply because their pursuit of what they wanted was so deeply seethed, so unconscious and so pure, that when they do achieve, its takes over everything else.

And i also believe that these are the people who have more of a chance to change the world, make a dent!

Its a painful journey, but i have always believed at the end of the journey, whether you achieved it or not, you might be bitter, but you won't be guilty.

PS: published a post in a half awake state yesterday, and took it down today. First time i did so, re read it, in addition to the hundred spelling mistakes (apparently the space on the iPad keyboard doesn't function too well), it was a really negative post, and so not me. But it did come from me and i'd blame that on my fickle state of mind now a days. But that apart, the blog was never meant to be about me, to some extent it is, but one thing it was not and will never be is negative.

oh and the title of the post, a term we came up with long time back...and has shaped a big part of my thinking. Because of this term, for the longest of times steadiness bored me, and to some extent it still does. 

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