Friday, June 05, 2009

you do / think / use something for long enough and you start getting more out it then its supposed to give...listen to a song over and over again, and it starts making more sense, gives more meaning then i should. you see it in a different light. 
rock on was a beautiful movie, a movie about how you have to give up your dreams, but also about how you get second chances, just have to take them. a movie about how if not following ur dream, you would never be esctactic, you might be happy, but you would never laugh loud enough...anyways the movie starts out with college going guys, and this song captures one of their biggest problem...they don't really care, which means they don't ever question anything. the chalta hai attitude, the kya faraq padta hai attitude...and mera kya jaata hai attitude...  

lyrics here. a couple of lines given below:

behti kyun hai har nadi 
hoti kya hai roshni 
barf girti hai kyun 
dost kyun hain roothte 
taare kyun hain toot-te

baadlon mein bijli hai kyun 

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