Friday, April 17, 2009

everyone wants to get fired, no one wants to quit though...

seems everyone around me has gotten bored of their jobs...they all are unsatisfied. not that the jobs are bad, but they want more..! its become too mundane, too usual. same issues, same talks, not moving forward. 
with the recession, there have been a lot of firings all around, and most of us have at one point or another lived in fear of getting fired. but inside, everyone had this hope that they might get fired, it will give them a chance of starting something new, and if they fail, they would have the bahana of saying, what could i do, i had to. 
none of us right now have the balls to quit and start our own thing, either the time is not right, or the risk profile is too high, or simply, the drive is not there, or too weak to take such an extreme step. 
i read that one thing which stops entrepreneurship is the job we do, there is a security of getting that x grand everymonth in your bank, there is the predictability to life. it comes down to inertia again. 
starting slow doesn't really work, u hardly get the time, after job and the quota of fun which is necessary everyday to get over the job....
anyways hoping that some do quit and take the plunge...success doesn't really matter after that. 
short quick post...
chalo later.


  1. Could not agree with you more..

  2. education, experience and environment lead to risk. Thats how they teach entrepreneurship-amerika style